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  1. ok so this idea popped in my head the other day and its not really formed into anything. But you know those inflatable air matresses? and they have the little pump that will fill it up? well what if you attached that pump to a bong and used that to hot box a bathroom? would it work?
  2. i mean if you kept refilling the bowl over and over again...but why waste so much? Just inhale it like normal. Trying to burn enough to fill a room is just a huge waste.
  3. Total waste of good weed man, and your lungs arent really meant to repeatedly inhale that much smoke.
  4. lungs aren't meant to inhale smoke at all..
  5. [ame=]YouTube - tokin daily: the leaf blower[/ame]
  6. Crazy ideas you come up with when you are high usually turn out to be a bad idea. One time me and my friend came up with an idea to put a giant bag of nacho cheese on the ceiling and have a button that makes it drip onto a plate of chips. :D I don't think it would have worked out

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