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  1. Cant wait for this to come out im goin to be blazin and playin this shit allll day

    [ame=]YouTube - Prototype: 3 Minutes of Gameplay[/ame]
  2. hell ya dude this game is going to be fucking nuts, it comes out on my brothers birthday so i already know what ill be getting him :smoking:

    and for myself, i well get a big bag of dank to smoke while we play it
  3. I have been waiting for this game since the release of the first teaser trailer.
    And if not mistaken It's released in Australia (ME! YAY!) on the 5th!
    And I also think America gets it on the 9th?

    Can't wait for this game. It looks BADASS.
  4. I'll buy it, but i'll be wating. Is it me, or does this look like a polished version of the incredible hulk game from not too long ago?:confused:
  5. From what I have seen, Any shitty Hulk game will never compare to this game.
    I wont even think about buying this. I know I will.
  6. This game looks fucking awesome.
    All I can say is the day I can fire a missile launcher in mid-air, body slam a tank upon landing, and walk away is the day I start robbing banks. This guy has the right idea.
  7. ^this.
  8. i just got it im about to blaze and play it a little ill post back how it is
  9. This game is fuckin awesome blazed outta ur mind. I played it for like 3 hours today and time flew by while I went through the city killin
  10. There are apparently quite a few people that already have the game. From what I've heard from them, you either love it or hate it.
  11. I'm gonna be smashin' on muthafuckaz in this game

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