protopipe's White Russian harvest.

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  1. This WR was 10 days early, so I chopped her this am. Massive buds, and sticky, dense colas, am expectin' 6oz off her!

    1st pic is the 30 gal DIY herb dryer with the WR main buds, and the 2nd pic is a group shot of the smaller buds.

    I am startin' my new gj in the advanced journals section, so tag along if anyone wants! I am f-in baked, on lemon skunk buds, with blueberry kush

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  2. Hows the lemon skunk? I've got some on week 8 now.
  3. Hey Agovita, the LS is awesome after the 3 week cure, it tastes soooo lemony, just a joy to puff!

    Update time-I harvvested the WHite Russian last Friday, so it was a 5 day dry and I almost fell to my knees when I tallied up the buds.

    I got 330 grams (not a typo,1 plant), 70 grams were small-med. sized buds, while 260 grams were main buds. My top cola came out to 44 grams, biggest I've ever harvested!! So now I am startin' to worry about what to do with all this bud! Will be a dank, merry Christmas this year when I gift them with hash, cookies, and buds!!! Well, any q's out there, feel free to ask! pro

    Here is a pic of my buds all huddled up forr a group shot!

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  4. I have a Question? What was your setup lights,nutes etc.. Plz if you dont mind and Amazing job thats a nice yield cant wait to try wr
  5. ^^yeah I want to know this to, I saw the last harvest they are both bad ass yeah and how long did you veg for???
  6. + rep

    Congratulations on a bountiful harvest!
  7. Hey dudes, sorry took sooo long to answer, thanks to all of you tokers and your comments and props are appreciated!

    This was an auto White Russian, grown in GH waterfarm, with mods in the waterfarm, such as airstone in the res, made more drain holes and enlarged the current holes. I ran a coco/hydroton medium, with the drip being fed for just 15 mins in morning, the airstone is on 24/7.

    I had the WR in a tent with an auto Blueberry Kush, and 2 auto Lemon Skunks, and they were all sharing a 1000 watter, and a 600 watter (both aircooled hoods). They were under 24/7 light schedule, too. '

    I fed them GH flora nutes, and used the lucas method of just the micro and bloom, with Cal-mag, Sensizyme, being added regularly through the grow. When I flowered them, I used the Koolbloom, and floranectar, and the last 2-3 weeks I switch out the Koolbloom with Overdrive, flushed for 5 days.

    1 thing about all mj plants, don't fall for the trap of harvesting too early, most people are out of pot when they do things like that (speaking from my own experiences years ago!). The last 2-3 weeks are a major time for tric development, so give em' the flowering time they need! pro

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