proto pipe website?

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. does anyone know what the protopipe inc. website is?
  2. dont believe they actually have one, I think its a smaller operation on some commune ranch in the middle of knowhere...and I also heard that the proto pipe is being discontinued (atleast in the US)....
  3. WHAT!!!! the proto is being discontinued? shit i better hurry the hell up and get one!
  4. im pretty sure most shops and websites are well stocked with them..Id just be more worried about the prices shooting through the roof as less and less become available...
  5. This thing is almost 25 years old....still


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  6. So then its not being discontinued?....I dont wanna spread false rumors but I was talking to the owner of a headshop downtown and he said that they calle din a new order and were told they were going to discontinue them in the US...So thats why I figured it was true
  7. Very possible the outlet your head shop orders from,,will discontinue it. It is all about supply and demand,according to area. If in the event the manufacturer does end the line,,another company would likely purchase the patent rights.It was,and still is,a very usefull pipe for the regular user..

  8. definately, I had one a long time ago when i lived with my parents and they found it and took it away...never had one since...but theyre definately one of the best products out there, and hopefully youre right about it just being an outlet, because it really bummed me hearing about i being discontinued, since I was just planning on getting one soon....

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