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  1. ive read in several places that to really bulk up, it is ideal to get your weight in lbs. in grams of protein. (if you weigh 150 lbs. like me get 150 gs of protein.) it can be a struggle sometimes to get that much protien in one day so i settle for 100-120 gs a day usually. how do you get your protien in and what foods should i be eating to get the most protein out of every meal.
  2. you can either go with protein shakes, which some are good, but for everyday foods those would be your meats, potatoes, peanuts are just some of the good sources
  3. You don't need that protein. Unless you are a Body Builder or an athlete (Collegiate, Professional, etc) then you don't need it. Protein like that most likely will be turned into fat by your body when you don't use it up.

    I stopped drinking protein shakes after I took a nutrition and athletic training course.
  4. Scrambled Eggs, Peanuts, Whey Protein, Fish, Fish Oil, Rices, Pasta, fruits, veggies, LOTS OF WATER (preferably filtered) Try eatting more meals throughout the day, start off with smaller meals and slowly large n them, eating varieties of food. Don't fall for all the gimmicks they have "ULTRA FAST RIPPED PILLS EAT THESE AND YOU'LL BE HUGGGGGEEE). ALL NATURAL IS THE WAY TO GO! :D FOR REAL VARIETY OF HEALTHY FOODS AND LOTS OF WATER AND EXERCISE AND YOU'LL BE MORE THAN FINE! :D Hope I helped! :wave:
  5. That is true that you need 1g per bodyweight, at least! if your bulking.

    I have been bulking since Febuary and have gained 25-30 solid lbs, not all muscle of course but most of it.

    Not only do you need protein but you need carbs and fat and plenty of calories.

    You need the protein to build the muscle, carbs for energy and to get the protein to where it needs to go, as well as fat to help your body absorb vitamins and create growth hormones.

    I'll tell you the secret to gaining weight right now, FREE!

    MILK! If you can drink it is the easiest calories you can drink. Full of carbs/fat/protein and vitamins and special growth hormones not found in other foods.

    I drink 1/2 gallon a day at least and without it I doubt I would have made the progress I have today.

    Oh and always remember, real food > powder food.

    Any other questions I'd be happy to answer.

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