protest the hero

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  1. Their guitar tracks are so crazy to listen to baked.
  2. loved these dudes since they were happy go lucky.

    just the other day i found my copy of kezia, got pretty baked in my cozy cave (what i call my bedroom, haha) and reminisced about high school.. and how sweet the underground operations tours used to be. fortress is a pretty awesome album, goddess bound is prolly my favourite track. the last time i saw them (last year.. march i think.. snowcore tour stop in toronto) it was my birthday and i was really drunk and lost my mind like some rabid fan girl when i got a picture with arif.. ahahaha prolly one of my most embarassing music moments. ANYWAY i've only listened to the newest album once through, but should get back on the protest train cuz they rule.
  3. Aha yeah fortress and kezia are both good albums. The guitar tracks in all of fortress are amazing. :p I feel like their music is good music for playing 360 or any shooting/racing game.

    I havent really gotten into their new album though.

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