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Discussion in 'General' started by IllinoisPatriot, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. After reading several post and replies about corporations I wanted to start a protest/ Boycott thread. If you're really serious about making a statement, I'd like to know who and why you boycott a corporation.

    For instance I boycott the following:

    I've boycotted Wal-Mart for two years now: I started after a friend lost a supply contract with Wal-Mart. Basically Wal-Mart worked with my friend for several years until they got him dependent on their business. When that happened they dictated what they were going to pay him. The result was a loss on every item sold to them he closed within a week!

    Fox News 1+ year: I'm just sick of their backwoods thinking and opinions! The level of BS especially with Bill O'reilly . What a douche bag.

    Exxon Mobil, Since 2003: GREED!

    Be cool!
  2. I believe fox news is a joke as well and do not watch it. Did you see Obama's speech last night where a fox news reporter asked Obama a dumb question and then he threw it back in his face. I did.
  3. im boycotting soap....and all soap manufactures....

    i aint taking no more baths,,,,,

    greedy ass soap companies..:rolleyes:
  4. i don't watch fox news just because its ridiculous

    i also haven't gone to a wal-mart in almost 3 years just because they suck

    recently i considered boycotting budweiser for being sold to a foreign company and continuing to call themselves "America's Beer"
  5. Right on!!!!!!!!!!!! ?Rep + to you......It is sad about Bud though.
    Be cool!

  6. I'm boycotting the toilet paper company's. Why? Because there full of shit.
  7. im boycotting one line jokes.. starting today
  8. I havent watched MTV/VH1/BET for 2 years...I hate those shitty reality shows and the music countdowns that play 35 second clips. and talk for 10 minutes between them.....
  9. Me and a few people went up to the last end the fed rally here in cleveland. Got alot of support, but unfortunately didn't get too much accomplished
  10. Boycott Kellogs for dropping Phelps

    Boycott ALL MSM, not just FOX. While Fox panders to the stupidity of the Republican base, the others pander to the stupidity of the Democrat base.
  11. Do you guys really think that your insignificant income and therefore insignificant expenditures could even come close to hurting those companies?

    I boycott Dementia Smokeshops! Go for the smaller guys, it affects them more.
  12. I boycott and protest Elephants Deli.
    They move into a neighborhood with no surrounding business, just homes and apt' complexes and dont give a shit about early morning noise.
    Breaking glass bottles for recycling
    Trash contract
    Food delivery contracts
    All at 5 am.

    I contacted the city, but apparently they are only certain things that break the noise pollution rule in my area and they havnt violated it.

    I have half a mind to send them a harmless virus that would make loud noises on their computers.
  13. You sound like your throwing in the towel against the man, How bout you come back and stick it to the man!, that will make two of use, you get someone else and well have three, We put one of the Firestone plants out of business (Remember the Tire issues on the SUV's) Yep that factory, closed because there was a national boycott. Be cool

    Welcome back. LOL.............Be cool!
  14. Damn that sucks! Don't know what that's like, Birds and wind chimes every morning for me!
  15. On a serious note, I am boycotting the Radio and MTV for promoting censorship and horrible music.
  16. +rep for boycotting walmart!

    I haven't been to a wal-fart in over 7 years. I fucking HATE that store. I don't care if my insignificant expenditures makes a difference or not, I just sleep better at night knowing I'm not helping them in any way.

    Other then that, I wouldn't say I'm boycotting anyone specifically, but I try to avoid national chains whenever there is a local, small-business alternative.
  17. Fight the Power!

    Boycott all companies that are subsidiaries of any soft drink manufacturer, any fast food outlet, any oil company not locally based, any drug maker, other than cannabis, or defense contractor of the US government.

    Know your enemies, they are everywhere.....Boo!:eek:

    This Country has been rigged to implode in 10...9...8...7...

    Personally, I boycott everywhere they won't let me shoplift.;)

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