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  1. Wen do i use it mind you its just a seedling now
  2. I have no idea what it even is and most products come with instructions. You would greatly benefit yourself by reading everything you can get your hands on regarding giving nutrients to plants before you start. Giving them when not needed just fries your plants. And the answer to your question will require some basic background information about what you've got going. How can we recommend something when you don't tell us what you're doing? TWW
  3. Good stuff..I use a different brand of Silica, but I start feeding after the 1st set of true leaves appear..Great for thick stems, branches, and also good at keeping some diseases away .JMHO
  4. BTW: Silica is really not a nute..It is a necessary trace element!!!
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  5. I personally use 1/4tsp of protekt when they are still younger and when they get larger I up it to 1/2 tsp... and my watering amount is anywhere from 2-6 liters depending on the pot... and as for when to start as buzzer said when they get their true leaves is just fine.

    I did edit some I apologize.

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  6. Protek aka silica has 101 different uses in growing. You can use it from seedlings all the way through flower. Can be used as foliar spray or soil drench. Can be used in every watering.

    Now is it somthing that is going to make your plants grow big? Or faster? No.. But it does help the maintain the plants health.
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  7. Ok so heres my set up 5 ft by 2 ft using 150 w led had my light 3 ft away but i dropped it using ffof soil and using dynagro bloom and grow its been 2 days since the seedling sprouted i checked this morning to.see it was curled a bit i was even thinking about using molassas as a additive
  8. Why are you feeding a seedling bloom nutes? And on top of that the plant shouldn't even need any grow nutes for a while

    Leave your plants alone feed them the protekt and nothing else or I guarantee you you'll end up killing your plants caring for them to much... nutes don't make plants bigger if they don't need any

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  9. Havent given it anything yet
  10. My bad I thought you meant you were already using bloom and grow nutes haha.. trust me there are some that would

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  11. Lol yea i havent given nothing

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