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  1. So im not sure when or how i should start taking my protein and other supplements.

    I have Whey Protein and Creatine. Do i mix them in the same shake? Or do i take them seperately?

    In addition to the Protein, im also adding low fat milk,mixed berries, and natural peanut butter for the added calories.
  2. How much weight u tring to gain?
  3. I take my creatine with apple juice, it's flavorless and take my protein when I feel a need for it
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    im trying to gain at least 25 pounds lol.

    And do i take it before or after i workout?

    Because this is how im planning on doing it

    8am-wake up, drink shake and do an hour workout.

    12pm- work till 6pm

    the around 7pm- have another shake and workout for another hour or two.

    should i drink another shake before i got to work?
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    After you work out. But you gotta be careful your not taking to much protein and especially be careful with the createne. That shut will fuck up your kidneys if you over due it.
  6. What kind of whey protein and creatine (name and brand) supplements are you taking?

    As far as when you should take the supplement, I would suggest taking about 2.5 g of creatine pre workout and about another 2.5 - 5 g afterwards. Be sure to drink TONS of water this will prevent dehydration, go easy on your kidneys, and add more water weight.

    You should always take a whey protein shake directly afterwards (no longer than 30 min after your last rep cause whey protein injects into your system very quick and your muscles start to repair very shortly after a workout) You can mix your after workout creatine into this shake as well. Also try drinking another one during a meal, maybe breakfast? It's best to try and eat a little of something along with your protein shakes. For most people, especially myself, if I dont eat actual food with my protein shake, then it will just go right through me. Another suggestion for whey protein, is to take only 1/3 or 1/2 the serving your first few times, and work your way up to a full serving within a couple days. Adding natural peanut butter to your shake is a great way to add in extra flavor and protein.

    If you're serious about gaining 20+ lbs, then you need to work harder and invest more stacks. I would suggest purchasing a weight gainer supplement with a lot of carbs and a decent amount of fats. Take one of these about 2 -3 times daily.

    You should also invest into some casein protein. The difference between this and whey is that, casein breaks down much much slower than whey. In fact, casein takes up to 7-8 hours to completely digest. This is BEST taken before bed time and it is very critical to successful weight and muscle gains. When you're asleep your muscles at the most relaxed stage which is the best time for repair, but a problem is that many people dont eat right before bed and if they do, then everything digests within the next couple of hours and now I bet you can figure out how casein would be helpful during sleep.

    I am about 6'1 and 145 lbs. A while back, I once took creatine with a loading phase ( first week of taking double the recommended amount ) and I gained 10 lbs easily and then stopped working out and now back to my 145. Now my stack is pre-work out, inner workout, whey protein, casein protein, weight gainer, creatine, and multivitamin. I want to be able to weigh up to 170 lbs. Sorry for the long dissertation. Hope this helps. Shoot a pm if you want suggestions on some good supplements.
  7. thanks for the info, im using ON whey protein and creatine.
    i mix the shake with flaxseed oil,natural peanut butter and bananas.

    right now im only drinking a shake for breakfast then working out and taking another shake on my way to work since i've been busy lately after work. Im going to look into the casein protein thouh
  8. OP, more important than supplements is your diet. If you're looking to gain weight you can never let your body go into a catabolic state. Catabolism is when your body breaks down muscle for energy. I suggest in addition to getting three large meals a day, break-lunch-dinner, you make sure you add snacks in between. You will see much faster gains by eating something every two hours. It does not have to be a lot of food, just make sure it's not crap. A PB and J on whole wheat with an apple is a staple in my snacking diet, quick to make, high in protein and you're getting a good amount of healthy carbs. The most important times to eat are right before and after sleep as that is 8 hours without food intake.

    If you have your diet under control and you are looking for quick weight then in addition to or in place of your whey begin taking a mass gainer. Most have a blend of different proteins and supplements in them and provide ~1000 calories with each shake. When you have that look into taking a casein protein which is slower to release than other proteins and best taken before bed as again you are going 8 hours without food intake. To gain weight all you need to do is eat more calories than you expend. The proteins you take in from food should be your main source, remember all the shakes and pills are supposed to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Use your creatine in your shakes right after the workout, it might be easier to just mix the two powders and in one of the jars. Ensure you are getting a good amount of water, I'm sure you know how creatine works. A healthy diet with a daily multivitamin, whey, and creatine is more than enough to get the 25 lbs you are looking for.
  9. I always took my creatine (monohydrate) dry, usually before my workout with alot of water. Back when I seriously needed to gain weight I'd drink my protein shake immediately after my workout along with some grape juice (seperate, I hated the taste of the protein powder).
  10. You should try Creatine capsules. I use GNC AMP 189 Creatine and it is so much easier than preparing a drink. Honestly, in addition to the daily protein shake, it can be a pain in the ass to make another creatine drink. Also, the capsules are "more absorbent", (according to the GNC label).

  11. You also have to take a s*** load of capsules to equal the serving a heaping teaspoon of creatine monohydrate powder (5 grams). I use to take GNC's creatine monohydrate powder form.

  12. ^ He's right. Should not fully rely on supplements. I would say the gain of weight comes 80% from your diet and that last 20% comes from the supplements and the heavy weights at the gym. If you really want to gain weight the right way then count your calories and follow this equation.

    Body weight x 1.5 = Daily grams of Protein intake

    Body weight x 4 = Daily grams of Carb intake

    Body weight x .5 = Daily grams of fat intake

    Aim for those numbers and you'll be on your way to massive gains. Try to cut out simple carbs and eat complex carbs that are in pastas and wheats.
  13. I try to provide my body with protein from food throughout the day. I have protein powder instead of food not at certain times, but for specific situations; ones where I can't access my home-cooked meals.

    1. away from home, car is too hot / trip too long to store food in car
    2. rummaging in kitchen will wake up people I am rooming with
    3. fucked up my food reserve and don't have time to cook anything at the moment
  14. First off why are you working out 2 times in 1 day???

    Also if you want to gain 25lbs you should be less focused on when your drinking your protein (as the timing is irrelevant) and more focused on eating a fuckload of food. I mean a fuckload. To gain a weight you need to be eating a lot more than you are now. Just taking protein and creatine won't make you big.
  15. Obviously i know i have to eat alot more, thats common sense.
    I was just asking for some advice.

    Im not trying to gain 25lbs of fat, that would just be stupid.
    Im aiming for a bigger but leaner look, hence why im working out also and taking the supplements.
  16. your last post tells me that you need to educate yourself on how to gain weight. first you need to find your calorie maintainance. then you need to eat more calories than you burn.

    you will not get fat. also, dont substitute a meal for a protein shake. there are some days you dont even need a protein shake. go to forums and learn

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