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  1. Hello blades. Yesterday I was at the store and saw some "protein bars" with some vitamins and what not in them. I know protein is good for lifting weights and it said it gave you energy, so I bought a box. :devious: Would eating one bar before walking a few miles help me at all? I don't lift to many weights but I walk a lot. :wave: I also got some granola bars and some nature valley cardboard squares. :p

    Would a protein bar be a good or a bad thing before doing some walking/cardio? More harm then good?
  2. Good but wait an hour if your jogging / doing any intense cardio
  3. Honestly, eating a protein bar before walking isn't going to do anything at all.

    If you going to a gym and working out than yes protein bars can be beneficial for supplementary protein as they are quick and convenient. For your purposes, eating a protein bar is pretty much the same as eating a granola bar. Just for the energy provided by the calories.
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  4. Well I ate one as I was starting to walk yesterday and I felt pretty energized. It has vitamins and shit in it also. :smoke:

    So your saying it's good but it's not going to benefit me in any way? What if I ate one, went on a 3 mile walk and then lift some weights after? :wave:
  5. i would say an apple or banana 1 hour before a walk is better(plus cheaper)
  6. Its good in the fact that it is nutritious and you get calories, vitamins and protein in it, but because you are not lifting weights, simply eating protein bars will not induce muscular growth..

    Do you have any specific goals? Like do you want to get bigger/stronger or do you just like walking and are trying to get in shape?
  7. If you're trying to lose fat from your walks, definitely don't eat the protein bar before the walk. If I were you I'd save it for after your workout or maybe between the walk and the run. Actually, if I were you, I'd sell the remaining protein bars. 90% of protein bars are just overpriced candy bars with a little whey in them.
  8. They are overpriced for what you get. If you need energy, eat some fruit and get some protein in ya.
  9. you need to understand your goal, and how to get there. you need to learn nutrition in order for this to work. about fat loss, fat gain, muscle loss and muscle gain.

    how much protein is in the bar? what are the ingredients?

    you can make homemade protein bars for very cheap.

    protein, unless you lack it in your diet (everyone should meet minimal requirements for health, almost all people do not), is used to help muscle growth. you can get all the protein you need from food, but some people find it expensive to eat that way (these people usually waste money on various things, whether it be protein bars, coffee, fast food or big screen tvs - they're just making excuses about the food prices).

    a multi vitamin should be fine with a good diet (i say diet, but i mean lifetime commitment to better foods, which is one definition for diet).

    buy natural juices (no ingredients other than juice, always read labels on anything you're spending money on).

    fruits, vegetables, there's so much variety in just those two categories you could live off them. so don't be afraid to eat a lot of them. 3-4 pieces of fruit a day, some vegetables with dinner, and maybe even with lunch or as a snack.

    better foods increase energy. if you eat processed crap they feed us, you're feel like a slug. eat better and your body will thank you all around, and with energy too.
  10. BALANCE bars are fucking tastey. they have cookie dough flavor. :ey:

    i mean theyre awesome for you, why would they be harmful. protein. you need alot of it, forever, just keep loading it up. eat bars. and everything else. thats my motto: eat everything.
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  11. [​IMG]

    That's the nutrition for them, I also got the dark chocolate kind so those might be a little better. :p
  12. I disagree. Eating too much protein is not good for someone who isn't using it. Too much protein can put your body under much stress (specifically your kidneys as they have to work harder to break it down). It can also dehydrate you because of needing extra water to flush it out. Protein is definitely essential. It promotes a strengthened body. However, too much is more detrimental that beneficial. If all you've been doing is trying to load up on protein, I recommend you stop and and start giving your body more beneficial nutrients.

    For the poster of this thread. The best thing you can do to promote a healthy body (since you're a walker) is to consume calcium (either throw a vitamin or by eating leafy greens), get vitamin D (either by being outside often or again through a supplement), and finally a little magnesium. These will keep your bones strong and healthy and leave you well assured that your walks are being beneficial.

    Now if you want to bulk up and get muscle mass (basically hitting the gym hard a couple times a week) then protein is going to play bigger factor. If you just want to exercise to for cardio and good bones, what I listed up above will do you well.
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  13. Would vitamin D milk be a good idea? Kill 2 birds with one stone and I love me some ice cold milk. :smoke:
  14. well what it comes down to is the bar is not going to kill you after reading the label. still, some ingredients are not good and it's always better to get nutrition from whole food sources.

    certain energy bars are just as bad as chocolate bars but with added nutrition. this one seems like a mid way option. i wouldn't say to eat one of these every day or multiple a day, but it's good in a pinch when you can't eat real food.

    it won't give you added benefit though, health or muscle wise. maybe energy for a quick period.

    i'm pretty against processed stuff and things like fast food are terrible. deep fried stuff isn't good. high sugar isn't good. i don't know i just overall disagree with eat everything statement. if you want to gain certain nutritional aspects it's easy to find out which whole food provides you with that. there's countless things we shouldn't eat (or drink, like soda).

    i read labels on everything and often times ingredients as well.

    agreed (and with rest of post). not to mention access calories you get from eating protein will be stored as fat if not burned off.
  15. I only see protein bars like a kind of a snack to avoid the big sugar content of a chocolate bar. Some of those protein bars are very tasty, even if they have a low sugar content. :biggrin:
  16. rise-from-grave.jpg
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  17. These have been my favorite since 2001.

  18. Lift and then walk/jog you’ll lose more weight that way. Also make your own bars at home all that shit at the store is processed and full of sugar.

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  19. Just eat beef and touch penis.
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  20. That's what the Ultimate Warrior did lmao
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