Protecting against detection via overhead infrared ?

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  1. I don't know what keywords to use for our search function and when I searched Infrared Detection it came up NULL ..

    I'm just curious if some of the ole hippies on here knew or know how to keep overhead detection attempts from seeing the heat off of your plants while flying overhead ?????

    I mean I've seen other movies and shit and I know there is More Expensive junk to buy to surveillance proof the grow yard ? ya think ?

    anyone with pertinent information on this would be gratefully appreciated . Thanks .
  2. Discount Hydroponics - Block-IR

    does any one actually do this? Like in a shed or small garage grow op? Iv been wondering myslf if something like this is even needed at all
  3. Don't belive the hype. Infared can't go through walls, that product he linked is showing the difference in plain sight, the same results could be seen just by closing the door. Also its called FLIR, forward looking infrared radar. Look up barry cooper's never get raided videos, he debunks the myths. And remember heat doesn't come from plants, it comes from lights!
    [ame=""]YouTube- FLIR Technology Description[/ame]
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    thanks for that video ... I hope they sticky this thread for future questions as that was an informative video ... Thanks m8 ...
  5. I fully endorse this thread get stuck.
  6. Someone needs to sticky this. I have been wondering this question for months, i'm so glad it got answered.
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    It would be nice to get some of the more experienced growers to weigh in on the public side of the grass city forums on how they disperse their heat or if they ever thought of it this way ...

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