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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Broken to Awoken, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Protect your ears everyone, mine have been ringing non-stop for a year. A loud gun shot damaged my ears, I can still hear fine luckily. It sucks so bad, there is no cure, just constant ringing 24/7. Weed seems to make it worse. If anyone has this please give me advice. I'm high and it seems to be harder to ignore. I'm hoping technology will save me because I can't listen to this forever.

    Any advice from other people who have it would be great.
  2. Have you consulted a doctor? I live in Canada...not much for guns her compared to the US. Yeah I am assuming you live there.

    Sorry can't say I have ever experienced anything like this. Wish you the best!
  3. Yeah see a doctor if you haven't already.
  4. For fuck sake ... go see a doctor about that asap ...
  5. There is no cure. I can only hear it at night.
  6. There is a ring in everyone's ear all the time only time I hear it is when it's completely silent
  7. I listen to music loud, and have gone to many loud concerts, and it hasn't done well on my ears. Now I have to listen a bit loud :( A friend I used to go to club events all the time and he was smart and wore earplugs. I wonder how much better my ears would be?

    My mom suffers from tinnitus though which it sounds like you have, and sadly there is no cure as far as I know, nor anything doctors can really do

    So yes, take care of your ears everyone
  8. Its seems to be louder than usual. But I just got off a flight, and I read the increased pressure on the plane can make it louder for a few days. Weed also makes it worse.
  9. Ears are very deliate. Im hoping that techology will save me. After all its moving insanely fast.

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