Prostitution Legal In The Netherlands

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  1. Do you agree that It's good to have sex without the love ?
    I'd like to see how everyone thinks about this.
    In my opinion, Prostitution shouldn't be legal, but hey Who doesn't love sex?

    Post an answer on the poll, then if you have any additional comments,
    feel free to drop some.
  2. Kinda.

    I do think prostitution should be legal everywhere... after all, it's my body, I should be able to do with it as I please. Even if that means whoring myself out for money. Not my personal choice, but it's not up to me to make that decision for anyone else.

    On the other hand, while that sounds great on a surface level, if you dig deeper there are still a lot of control/exploitation/abuse issues surrounding prostitution, and the Netherlands is no different. Yes, it's a more controlled environment, and the women are safer, but it is by no means perfect. There are still pimps, there are still women forced into the industry, and there are still control/exploitation/abuse issues.
  3. I definitely think it should be legal.
    1) they get mandatory testing done regularly to prevent the spread of diseases.
    2) if it wasn't legal people would still be able to find prostitutes and fuck them, but they would probably be full of nasty diseases
    and 3) it probably decreases the number of rapes that occur because people would have less sexual frustration built up from not being able to find a partner to fuck
  4. There is no difference in prostitution and people that are porn stars if you think about it, except the people that are fucking get paid in porn, and you're paying to have sex for prostitution. So if prostitution should be illegal, then so should porn.
  5. It's legal where I live. It's probably for the best, means that it's now a regulated industry - pimps are managers of a legit brothel, and pay tax etc. There are official health and safety standards. It's cleaned the scene up a bit, but you can never wipe off that layer of grease.

    Selling on the street is still illegal, but nowadays you only see the transvestites doing that... and yeah I have no idea how they stay in business.
  6. I really don't care if it is or isn't. Some women do it for free now a days.
  7. Illegalizing victimless crimes always only lead to to wasted spending of tax dollars and elevated crime rates.

    Prostitution and marijuana legalization are cousins.
  8. Prostitution is the one of the oldest professions in the world. It will never end as long as you men on this planet.

    There will always be a market for sex. Might as well legalize it and tax the shit out of it.

    You would turn a profit over night.
  9. it doesn't even matter now a days.
    pleasure of the mind why not pleasure of the body. haha
  10. I have never, and most likely would never pay for sex. That said, prostitution should be legal everywhere, it would eliminate the illegal sex trade which is happening all over the world, even here in the USA.
  11. damn i just wish it was still 32 BC and i could still trade grilled moose thighs for sum booty:(
  12. hmm yeah I think it should be, but I don't really care much.

    Also, I watched a thing on TV about prostitution and a lot of it is high end. And in high end they are also for companionship... like sometimes they just hang out and chat and don't even do anything sexual

  13. It will lessen it but illegal prostitution will never end...

    Remember, there are sick fucks that go to teen/preteen prostitutes which we all agree will always stay illegal and should be that way. And as always, an underground market where the money is too good (especially for run aways) always leads to this sort of thing developing...

    I agree with it being legal but HEAVILY regulated and taxed to hell...
  14. Yes, prostituion should be legal. What consenting adults want to do with their bodies is up to them. If they want to exchange money for sex, that's their bodies and their decisions to make. I can't make people's choices for them and nor would I ever want to. Taking the world's oldest profession out of the black market and into the light would increase the saftey of those involved. The Bunny Ranch seems to have it well figured out.
  15. I'm a 100% supporter of all forms of prostitution. Two parties should be able to trade currency for pleasure... why not?
  16. ^I totally agree. On the surface, it looks great, but prostitution is often times more about power, control, and exploitation than it is about two free adults exchanging a service for money. I would fully and unequivocally support it, but I'm skeptical that legalization really eradicates this problem.

    In other words, I would support the full legalization of prostitution, but I don't think it's always a victimless crime. This is where my misgivings lie. If the law could make this a victimless crime, I would definitely support it all the way.

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