Prostests at RNC

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  1. Am I the only one who is concerned with the massive amount of civil rights abuses going on at the protests right now? It's practically a police state over there. Here are some videos from amateur journalists.

    Police raids begin before the protests.

    Homeland Security involved with the raids

    Journalist Pepper Sprayed

    AP Photographer Pepper Sprayed

    Journalists being targeted

    Lawyers arrested

    Gross overreactions from the police

    National Guard in riot gear... whatever happened to the military not being able to police civilians

    Mass arrests... Group of hundreds of protesters cornered and arrested

    I am absolutely shocked at this... I can't believe that no one is really talking about it.
  2. Because protesting gets nothing done.
  3. I dunno dude... this is kinda scary... Reminds me of a police state.
  4. Par for the course.

    Regardless of who wins the election, Americans will get the country they deserve.
  5. What are you trying to say?
  6. This makes my hate grow even stronger.
    whatever happened to the right to protest peacefully..

    cops will say a protester starting acting violent and then let shit fly. It only takes one tear gas grenade to start a chain reaction and the whole place goes to hell.

    It IS a police state. fucking redicules.. especially that story about the AP photographer getting messed with.
  7. You know the funny thing is I'm usually the one arguing against conspiracy theorists and people who say things like this are really happening
  8. fuck all the cops

    they don't deserve to police an ant colony
  9. Wait, any one mind explaining exactly what is going on?
    or pointing me in the direction?

  10. People are protesting at the Republican National Convention, some protesters are getting out of hand and the police are taking it out on all of them.

    That's the way I see it at least.
  11. fuck that

    denver was and is the shit. nothing like this even came close to happening at all. everything went down peacefully here.

    sure there were cops out the ass in riot gear and shit, but they did not act until someone provoked them. and that took quite a bit. i was tlaking with one officer andthey are chill as fuck, just oding there job.

    but the scenes here look nothing like that
  12. Let's see if this one gets closed like the "women hit at DNC" one.:rolleyes:
  13. Ahh...i had a feeling that's what the RNC stood for.

    Why the hell is it getting this bad?

  14. My guess... seems like Homeland security and the FBI are coordinating the local police. So now the federal government has its dirty hands all over it. Would you really put it passed the bush administration to try and suppress free speech.
  15. With all due respect fellow stoners what do you want the cops to do, let the anarchists overthrow the convention...even thought the convention is lame it is part of the US political process. Screw those protesters they are just causing problems.
  16. Problem is that the people causing the problems are the minority. Normally in these situations cops target only those ppl and take them out of the crowds. In St. Paul the cops are targeting everybody and trying to silence free speech.
  17. Unfortunately, these YouTube videos don't show the "anarchists" throwing things through the windows of businesses and vehicles, lighting fires, etc. There was no point to their "form of expression" other than to cause chaos. There were peaceful protesters. But much of the police response was to nonsensical vandalism and public endangerment. I'm not a police apologist, but these videos are painting a decidedly one-sided portrait of events. :rolleyes:
  18. From most reports the anarchists aren't causing too much destruction. They've knocked over a few trash cans, knocked in a few windows and blocked a few intersections. While these aren't exactly nice things to do I don't believe they warrant the outrageous actions my local, state and federal law enforcement in this situation. It's one thing to suppress and arrest the troublemakers at a protest. It's absolutely unacceptable to start targeting innocent protesters, journalists and laywers with the same tactics and mass arrests.
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  20. I completely agree with you man. I'm so scared because no one is doing anything about it at all.

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