Prostate stimulation (the male g-spot)

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  1. So, warning for any tmi here but I just have to share what just happened.
    Me and my gf of two years have been trying to experiment with anal, put a bit of spice in the bedroom, but she's just not comfortable having anything near her ass (yet loves to wear thongs, I'm still scratching my head at that one) so I did some reading online and while trying to find helpful info I came across references to the male g-spot and mentioned it to her.

    Here's what happened: had a nice long hot shower to relax and clean the area, and then went to the bedroom, there she is in an absolutely drop dead sexy set of lingerie. Can we say instant hard on? So I lay down and she starts rubbing the insides of my thighs, playing with my balls, then surprised me with starting to suck me off, while she was doing that she lubed up the hole, and after a bit of convincing my muscles relaxed, so she slid a finger in and immediately found the spot and started striking it, still sucking me off and dear gods above I heard angels sing! this went on for a good half hour before I came harder than I ever have! I can usually get up and walk around after sex no problem, after that I looked like a newborn giraffe lol

    So, anyone else have similar experiences? Ladies, what your take on this, and guys, let's here your thoughts on the matter.

    *disclaimer* let's keep this above the "you liked a finger in the ass you must be gay" drivel shall we?
  2. This is not the first time I have herd this but to much of a puss to try it lol. Idky but I see it as a one way street on a male.
  3. I think being able to do that and remain straight takes a real man, most are afraid of doing anything with homosexual connotations because they're scared they'll begin to like men. Hopefully you remain liking women! :laughing:
  4. This is what the nurse does to you when you give your sperm to the sperm bank.

  5. :eek::bolt:
  6. i would love to try it with my girl, but i think she is to inexperienced. I hear its the best fucking feeling ever when you get off. plus a girl sucking your cock, thats awesome!

  7. This site has the best how to guide I've found, show it to her, talk to her about it, and maybe we can compare thsound of the angels lol
    Prostate Massage: A Guided Exercise for Prostate Massage
  8. Yearly prostate exam at the Doc's is enough prostate stimulation for me.

  9. Just like a woman's visit to her ob/gyn? Medical exams are as far from stimulation as weed is from meth

  10. As far as I'm concerned a finger in the ass is still a finger in the ass no matter who's it is.
  11. It does feel pretty damn good lol. A real dick is a million times better though...
  12. just have her eat your ass with surip of jelly

  13. Ok Chris rock, I actually don't want my salad tossed, cause I kiss the lips she'd be doing that with.
  14. I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. I tried and failed, couldn't find it, did nothing for me.
  15. Not gonna lie, definitely worth every second.
  16. I'm gonna go dildo my ass :)

  17. ..........................
  18. Hahaha , hidden penis
  19. you gonna spray it with axe first?

  20. what a bro.

    [ame=]Bro Rape: A Newsline Investigative Report - YouTube[/ame]

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