pros cons of a movie theatre job?

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  1. hey guys im about to start a job at a movie theatre ( concessions theatre cleanup etc) anybody have a job at a local movie theatre? what kinda shit is good about the job / bad about the job..... just interested...
  2. Well, you get to watch movies for free. So thats pretty sweet.
  3. Yeah free movies and it can't be that hard.
  4. It's definitely a stoner job. The pay sucked when I did it. On Thursdays after closing we would preview the new movies opening the next day. We could get to the roof through the projectionist booth. It was a great place to smoke.

    Hope it goes well.
  5. So I assume it would be awesome to watch movies, but do you? while the movie is on i assume u'd have to clean up or work concessions. Now if u ran the projector or something that'd be cool.
  6. for the first day.. until you watch the same movie a bunch of times a day for weeks :D:p
  7. You should let me know how it is, I was thinking about working at the one in my town. Shit man free movies? Thats sweet as fuck.
  8. CONS

    - it gets busy as fuck.
    - cleaning must be a bitch. people leave their popcorn on the floor and leave their garbage in their seats and shit. spilt pop and sticky floors everywhere..
  9. We usually did not have to clean the theater. The only time was when we sold out the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You could't see the floor there was so much crap on it.
  10. you could now swim in the popcorn pools
  11. I bet the pay is crappy ( but who cares at least its a job)
    Free movies
    Lots of girls
    Fuck I dunno I dont even watch movies
    I cant sit still for 2 hours straight
  12. I worked at a theater briefly during High School and it wasn't that difficult really. The pay was shitty and it could get tedious but besides that it was definitely a cake job.

    easy, not all that much to do when the theater isn't busy so there's lots of down time.
    lots of chicks come in, so an intrepid playa' could get his game on
    At least when I worked at a theater we could take free food, and we got free tickets plus it was easy to smoke on the job
    When I was holding that job down we could take breaks without asking as long as we weren't out of the theater when customers came in and we weren't gone that long

    clean up can be a bitch, on busy days expect to spend at least an hour mopping up the floors and sweeping up popcorn
    pay is shitty, which sort of goes with the territory
    lots of down time which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about long periods of tedium
    working concessions can be a bitch when the place is busy, think dealing with long lines of obnoxious impatient people and screaming kids.
    we were expected to stay overtime without pay in order to clean up
    if you have ashitty boss be prepared to suffer because its the sort of job where having good or bad management can be a deal breaker, my boss was chill so it was a good experience but I had a friend who worked at the theater across town and his boss was a royal twat so there you go.
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    i used to work at a movie theater. your wore a ridiculous uniform and it was a lame job. and ust so everyone knows, every night when they clean the popcorn machine. they use 2 fuckin chemicals that say directly on the front "this shit causes cancer" to clean out the machine. and its hard to rinse it out too, and being lazy teenagers(75% are stoners and really dont give a fuck) who make up the staff dont bother about cleaning the cancer causeing shit out. think about that the next time you want to buy popcorn. and everything is over priced. a 25 cent drink costs 5 bucks. fuck that. and i havent payed to see a movie for at least 2 years cause i know what kind of shinanigans they will try to pull on you.
  14. A jobs a job.

    If youre not sociable, go for the cleaning team. If you like talking with people then do concessions. You get to talk to and see the MOST people. Still to this day i recognize randoms on the street and im convinced i mustve served them at famous players once hahahah
  15. I remember cleaning the popcorn machine. We'd wheel ours out into the parking lot and spray the interior down with this nasty ass green disinfectant spray and then we were supposed to wash the green shit out and rinse it with dish soap. But the amusing part was that the tank at the bottom that held the butter never got any water in it so we'd have to slide the tray out and scrub it for like forty five minutes in order to get all the burnt grease and butter residue off. It got to the point where no one would bother and we'd just lie to the manager because it was too much of a bitch to clean.

    none of the staff ate the popcorn...:cool:
  16. ^^sunny jim knows whats up. i suggest you guys heed our word.^^
  17. You will be able to quote the movies, line for line, for years.

    When the hubby and I were homeless for a few months (long ago), we camped out in our hippie van on a friend's property across the way from a movie theater. I could recite lines from "Bullitt" for a long time! I have forgotten them now, thank goodness, so they do fade! lol

  18. yea i just had the interview and now i have a 2nd interview in 2 days..(wasnt one interview too much? its a brainless job) i have to fake promote their dumb benefits program (amc member card or some shit) to the bosses... so unnecessary... if im an usher or concessions are they going to expect me to awkwardly bring up the member program right in the middle of them getting food or going into the theatre?
  19. i worked at a drive in theator back in highschool. i got payed 5.25 an hour to switch out the movies when they ended. after i switched them out i was free to do whatever. id have like 4-5 dates a week and id basically just bring them to work with me lol. i swear i must have dated every attractive girl at my school atleast once lol
  20. hey chrome where do you live? jw

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