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Pros/Cons of a card in Calif.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ocitown, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I have reg. epidurals to control low back pain from a work related injury six years ago,strong pain meds (OXY) have also been available since the injury.Insomnia has been a big problem since that injury as well,the same MD. has been treating me for five of the six years.Addiction has played a major roll many times in the past but i now regulate my meds so i dont ever go through detox again,but i also cant manage the pain as well.So i work at the same job with minor restrictions being partially permanently disabled. My questions pertain to the cons of the card if i grow 20-50 plants,is there more of the chance for athorities to come over and check how many plants i have?Is it better to remain cardless and be carful growing or to get a card and grow more than legal?Whats my chances of geting a card here in calif. and should i bother or would the card draw more attention to me than i want? Please help,i feel my MD. would rather me have a card than increase my meds again.Does workers comp ever cover med. mary jane?
  2. When you get a card, your best bet is to just grow as much as the law will let you. Growing more than what the state law says can get you in trouble on a state level and a federal level. People are already getting busted growing the amount legal in their state, so growing more than that isn't going to do anything but give you more pot and a longer sentence. Also I think that nothing will cover your MM. We haven't gotten to that point but hopefully in the future we will.
  3. well the - is that your in a database w/ ss # and everything about you
  4. ocitown: I'm really glad that somebody at this site has asked this question - I'd really like to see what the general consensus is too.

    I'm a med patient in so cal and I've been pondering getting my state card since Los Angeles County started their program on June 1. I've read many threads on many sites and I'm still unsure as to what to do. Half of the people say that if you do, the government will have your name, address, social security #, and anything else that they want to know about you - which doesn't really make me want to run out and get the state card! All this would do is lead them right to me if they decided to "randomly" cruise my neighborhood...

    At the same time, if you don't have your state issued card, it's up to the discretion of the officer (in whatever situation it is) if charges and/or arrests will occur. They are supposed to leave anybody alone that has their state ID card - it's been quoted as the "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. I know that if feds came knocking on my door, I'd really benefit having that state ID card, but I don't want that state ID card to lead them to my house.

    Others say that when you get your state ID card, that once the card is issued - with a personal identification number - that your personal information is erased from the computers - that if you get into a situation, all the people have to do is call the 800 number on the back, verify your ID # and verify with your picture, you should be home free.

    I think about it every day and debate with myself as to whether my husband and I should get our state cards - especially when we do grow for our own personal use. I would hate to get my ass landed in jail - or worse yet, prison - but I don't have enough faith in the state or federal government that they will abide by the guidelines of Prop 215 & SB420. It's blatantly obvious that the DEA doesn't care what the states have voted in. The thing that's bothersome is that fact that LAPD and other local police and sheriff's are being deputised as federal DEA agents. So how am I supposed to have any comfort in knowing that I'm "supposedly" protected? (By the way, SB420 is specific about being in possession of a "valid identification card" in order to benefit from the program - which I interpret as the state ID card.)

    On another note ocitown, you mentioned growing 20-50 plants... Would this just be for personal medical use? Do you plan on being a caretaker for people? I'm only asking because in California (according to SB420) you're only allowed 6 mature OR 12 immature plants, so if you're planning on growing more without the proper back-up and paperwork, you're going to spend a lot of money in legal fees if you get caught.

    Good luck to you...
  5. You are very safe having a card and growing compared to not having a card and growing. I've asked multiple cops this question and they all say if they find out someone is growing medical marijuana within the limits they don't do anything they just take note that its a medical marijuana house and might drive by every now and then to make sure every things on the up and up.

    No one can see your patient patients records is one of the most protected things in America.

    The only way someone is going to know you are growing is if you tell them...It's safer to have a card, keep your mouth shut, and if anything happens then you are legally safe as long as you are within the limits.

    I would recommend getting a card if you are going to grow medical marijuana in California.
  6. Cali_Toker: Thanks for your input - especially the fact that you've asked several cops about what they would do - it's a little encouraging.

    I understand that it's supposed to be "safe and confidential", but the feds do what they want. I'm afraid that our records could be subpoena'd. It happened in Oregon recently. What's to stop it from happening here?

    I know that having the state card is so much safer than not having it. And you're right - as long as you stay within your limits, there shouldn't be any issues, and this is something that I feel very strongly about - but that's another Oprah!

    I renew my recommendation for the 3rd year in December and I think it would be prudent of me to get my state card also...
  7. Answer me this:
    if you get a card does it get put on your insurance so that if you are a student there may be some cause in the law of patient doctor confidentiality that it may show up so the parent may be able to see it or others from a legal standpoint may be able to see it?
  8. You can't get your medical card unless you're 18 years old, and if you're 18 years old, you should have a doctor/patient confidentiality situation, which would prevent the doctor from saying anything to anybody.

    Odds are your regular doctor won't give you a medical marijuana recommendation. You'll need to find a medical marijuana doctor in your area, get your medical records from your regular doctor, and take them to your marijuana doctor... My point is, you're going to pay with cash - no insurance is involved. You won't see ANY insurance cover medical marijuana until it is reclassified and/or legalized. Even then, most insurance won't cover it and if they do it'll be with heavy fees and stipulations. So, the insurance is not an issue.

    My advice: If you're worried about insurance, school and parents finding out - you shouldn't even think about it. It just tells me that maybe you ought to think about becoming a little more independent before you do... Anything that may happen as a result of your being a medical marijuana patient will not only effect you, but it will also effect your parents. Sorry if I'm making an assumption, but I feel that you may still live at home. And that's totally fine - even better if you don't, but you've got to be smart and think about what effects that could have on everybody involved...

    Good luck!
  9. How does the doc/patient confidentiality thing work when any med club employee can call the doctors office and ask if ur a patient or not (to verify)?? Couldnt I pose as a med club employee and call an office and ask if my neighbor is a patient??

    obviously I would have to know certain things like which doctor to even call yaddayaddayadda and all that. And just knowing whether or not someone is a patient isnt that much information but are you SURE there is doc patient confidentiality in this situation??
  10. gonejah17: That's a very good point about the verification process... I don't know anything for sure, but my thoughts are that all they are doing is verifying that you are a patient and that your recommendation is valid. I think the doctor/patient confidentiality is still intact in this situation (keeping in mind that there had to be some way to make sure that people weren't coming in with false recs and/or false identification). If the doctor provided any additional information - just like any other doctor/patient situation - that would be a breach of that confidentiality. Nor should any dispensary ask for such information. I think that the "reasons" why you have your medical card are private, whereas verifying your status as a medical card holder is something that can be allowed through certain agencies. In thinking about it, how would a government agency verify your true medical marijuana status if they couldn't call and verify? Whether it be police, sheriff or other law enforcing agency, none of your personal records can be released without a warrant or subpoena...

    Can somebody else verify this and put us at ease?
  11. Thanx all,I think ill wait till i learn more info.
  12. yo man if I were u Id definitely get a card - forgot if anyone mentioned this but u can also get clones man - check the swazi skunk clone in my grow thread last page - got her like 3 weeks ago or something I could bud her now if I wanted lol. check it out thats a huge pro of having a card. Ill tell u a store in hollywood where u can go and get MK, Skunk, ICE, all kinds of clones yo. saves you months on growing. AND there always girls.
  13. That's true, the clinics sell partially grown plants to you, so you don't have to weather the most difficult part of growing. And the plants are always females.
  14. Fuck, I wish I could be able to grow legally in Switzerland...

    I would definitly get this card if I could, but are you flagged as pothead once you're registered ? Can't companies (eg. for an application) find out you're a MM user?
  15. companied can't discriminate against disabilities. In America anyways
  16. yo man, if they mess with you just pull out ur swiss army knife

    sorry I had to
  17. pros: less shady than street deals, consistant quality

    cons: more $$, a little shady(robberies,cop surveilance),renewal fee

    im talking about the dispensaries. growing can still get you fucked.

  18. lol...not true.. Ive never had to give my ss# for anything related to medical marijuana. Only 'list' you might say my name on is my doctors records which CANT BE TOUCHED BY ANYONE.

    Anyone who is worried about getting a card simply doesn't understand it and they are being paranoid. If youre gonna use medical weed or grow medical weed your 100x safer to just go legal. Youre name aint gonna be on some list police see, your work aint gonna know.
  19. Here is a good What if you have a job that gives drug tests either when an injury occurs or whenever they feel like. Would you be exempt b/c your MM card or can the company shit-can you b/c either they want to or give you some b/s that their insurance wont cover you b/;c you smoke dope. So what im asking does this make you exempt from companies dt's? The reason I ask b/c I can qualify for MM card (bone marrow edema in my feet), but currently now i live in michigan so im SOL, But i still smoke, but its risky. Anyways keep the revolution going we shall have our sweet leaf once again :smoke:

  20. Unforuntitly if you fail a work drug test they can still fire you even if you are a medical patient. They can say they were following federal law if they want to. It's fucked up.

    If you're gonna smoke weed when your job drug tests you though you might as well get a card, at least than you have at least SOMETHING to fall back on, hopefully if you are a valued employee and good worker they would cut you some slack and understand it's for medical purposes. If they don't then FUCK EM, do you really want to work for a company that would do that to one of their employees?

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