Pros and cons of the different hydroponic methods?

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  1. So far, I've played around a bit with coco and DWC, but I've also read a lot about aeroponics, ebb and flow, and others. 
    Does anyone have any good resources for comparing the different methods?

  2. It is really a matter of personal preference. DWC is probably the cheapest and easiest if you only growing 1-4 plants at a time.
    IMO (and in my experience) E&F is the easiest method to scale up from small to medium/large once you have it down. A properly set up flood table requires very little maintenance once it's dialed in.
    As much as some will say otherwise, you don't need any air pumps with a properly set up flood table.
    High reservoir temperatures during summer months can be extremely problematic with DWC. No problems with E&F. With higher res temps I just need to run lower nutrient strengths and top off more often (uptake and transpiration rates increase with higher temps).
    Proper flood tables are a bit pricey compared to buckets or tubs, but the drainage channels that are molded into flood tables make all the difference in the world. Home made E&F tubs or modular E&F buckets can't compete with a properly set up flood table IMO (and in my experience).
  3. They sure do wanna rape you on the price of proper tables!
    I've got a little DIY tote deal going on that seems to be working outstandingly well.
    It's just sexing some clones, but still, I can't complain. 
    Like said, personal preference should really dictate. 
    Don't limit yourself. Dabble small scale, if you can, in several methods.
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    Absolutely you can make a makeshift set up that will work fine.
    When the roots start getting massive though about half way through flowering, they really like growing in the drainage channels. I think that part of the reason is that if the table is 1/4" lower at the fill/drain end (like it should be), the nutrient flow through the channels as it's draining. Roots like moving water.

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    Yeah, I could see roots becoming a bit unruly. 
    If I ever full grow in my little deal, I'll have to think on protecting the fill port screen even more.

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