Pros and Cons of Keeping a Mother Plant vs Cloning every cycle

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by capitolp, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. I'm trying to decide which to do to keep strains going. Take a clone and raise it/maintain it to be a mother and take clones from it whenever I need to start new plants? Or clone each plant before I flip to flower and repeat every cycle effectively cloning a clone of a clone of a clone and so forth. Sorry if I'm not writing it well I'm a bit hazy today.

    The main disadvantage I see to having a mother is maintaining it, specifically finding a good space for it. What else can you think of as advantages of disadvantages to either method? What do you do and why?

  2. Cons would be waste of space, waste of electricity, waste of water/nutrients, waste of time and work. Also being stuck growing the same strain indefinitely gets old. I like changing things up to much. Space was the main reason I stopped keeping a mother.

    Pros would be always having a plant that's ready to produce clones. For me this doesnt apply though because I'll take a clone off a plant deep into flower.
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  3. Very true a mother will typically drink a lot. Like killset said will take up a good amount of space as well. The only reason people would is strong genetics they wish to keep or breeding.
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  4. How late do you take your clones? And also have you noticed a difference in vigor or yield etc with either technique?

  5. I've taken them right up until harvest. I usually aim for 3-4 weeks into flower, I personally prefer monster cropped clones. They tend to bush out and be branchy. I grow scrog so that's beneficial

    As far as vigor goes, I see no difference between a normal clone and a monster cropped clone. It does usually take a few extra days to grow roots and start growing correctly. Monster cropping causes the clone to stress out a bit as it reverts back to veg but they pull right though.
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