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Pros and Cons of Bongs with Percs

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by danielsaun, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. I am considering getting a Black Leaf Double Dome Perc.

    I have never used a bong with a perc and diffusers.

    I have seen some complain percs get clogged often? What is the pro con?

    Diffusers seem to have no cons give better hits did I read that correct?

  2. The more diffusion, the smoother the hit will be. The tradeoff, more diffusion also results in less taste.

    As for pers and diffusers getting clogged, I wouldn't know, I clean my pipes after every use so I never have that problem.

    There is also RezBlock that will aid in keeping your glass clean, can't recommend it enough.

  3. Thanks you really taste your herb smoking it? I can taste it first toke but then just burned herb taste maybe because I don't clean every time. Just sounds time consuming. Only when vaping do I really get taste.

  4. Keeping your glass clean and using hemp wick really helps you taste your bud.
    As for the cons of percs, some of them add a lot of drag which can get annoying.
  5. Limit to one perc and get a showerhead diffuser. Ashcatcher can replace a percolator, with added benefit of keeping your tube clean
  6. Since you guys mentioned keeping the glass clean how often do you clean it? If it's daily that too much time and maintenance for me. Times have changed for sure. We used a plastic bong 20 years ago and maybe changed the water monthly?
  7. Change the water once per sesh. Clean once per week should keep any tube looking decent.

  8. Cool that is reasonable.
  9. depends how often you use them...i iso/salt clean probably every other day, maby at the end of the night depending on how much it was used...i use new water every sesh too usually if theirs visible resin building up alot i usually want to clean it or it starts tasting bad..now that i clean them so often any resign build up makes it taste bad to me..and yea i use hemp wick all the time..saves flavor and weed
  10. I guess I should have mentioned I only smoke or vape at night 2-3 bowls and I am the only toker.
  11. Clean it once a month and change the water every time for taste and hemp wick like other mentioned.
  12. Pro- they get you high as fuck

    Con- you can't remember where you left your face

  13. But will I remember the url for this site :confused:
  14. Majority of good pieces can't be linked on this website... They do sell pieces on here.

    Look up sovereignty and that should help.

    Perc and diffuser are the same technically.

    But a perc would technically be any diffuser which elevates the water for diffusion where as diffuser spread gas into water. A showerhead or stemline is a diffuser and a perc would be a showercap or disk.
  15. Why was I thinking half of this thread was about carb holes? Shows what I hate...anyway percs are nice, but like someone said you only need one. More than one you probably wont like, I had a friend who had one that was double or triple, I forget but multiple. But I fuckin hated that thing, the least enjoyable proper piece I have ever hit. So much pulling you feel like you are going to pass out, you having to generate some pretty strong suction just to get a hit, forget what it takes to clear it because thats a whole other breath before you start taking smoke.

  16. Glass is just like anything else in your house. Take maybe your toilet for example. If you wait a long time to clean it, it will be really hard to clean. But if you get on it before it actually gets dirty, it'll make things super easy.

    For a bong with a perc, if I were using it a lot on a daily basis, I'd probably pour a bit of isopropyl in there every day, shake it around and rinse it out. That will only take maybe a minute or two tops.
    Once you start to see any kind of resin build up, use salt + iso and get rid of it ASAP before it gets harder to deal with. :smoking:
  17. Thanks I clean my vapor whip with iso and salt works good and is cheap.
  18. Warm up the ISO on a griddle for better performance

  19. Either that was a suck ass bong made in china or your talking out your ass... I have a triple perc piece that has no drag.... Any double chamber made by a decent artist will have less drag than a Chinese single perc.

    If you must ask about percs don't go more then one to a piece. Or at least your first one, double chambers are more difficult to clean and they may be super smooth but little to no flavor. Most people save mutli-percs for special occasions.

  20. So given your post is a Black Leaf a POS or decent quality?

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