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  1. Me and my father have been debating whether or not a NWO would be a good or bad thing.

    Government type would be important. And i figured a true republic would be the best. The ideal is for everyone in the world to be equal and free. Their would be Pax Romana on a global scale. Trade would still be important but it would also be import/ export tax free. True equality and freedom must/ would exist in this scenario. I think that would be the biggest benefit of a NWO.

    And, nuclear weapons could be controlled and the threat would be eliminated. If there is only one global government, the currency would not have to compete and funding can be poured into new technologies.

    And a single government could make laws that would protect the earth... I don't consider myself an environmentalist but to say life has no impact on environment is completely wrong. A healthier planet would be in our best interest, considering we live on it.

    The bad. Their is a chance that the entire world is at the mercy of potentially one man. Another is that minorities could be oppressed. A global dictator would be a disaster. Their would need to be a full proof government that could protect rights of the people.
  2. Cons - We're all slaves.
    Pros - We're all very happy slaves.

  3. Simple solution

    Abolish the borders
    Free markets
    Competing currencies
  4. NWO, as it stands right now = pure fucking evil. Could we, the entire human population, come together to create a global community? Sure, and we're kind of on our way to becoming one but we mustn't let the current Powers To Be be allowed to have any part of it.
  5. I was about to type what swills had typed. in this current day and age i see that move as a step towards destruction. but one must say we are heading towards *something*
  6. National government is bad, let's merge the bad national governments together for one very big sucky government.

  7. This.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  8. It's already happening and we are screwed, if ww3 happens say good bye to all your rights
  9. [quote name='"fer405"']It's already happening and we are screwed, if ww3 happens say good bye to all your rights[/quote]

    What rights? All i see are priveliges
  10. Here's an idea.... Lets all do what we wanna do, and when somebody does something that is obviously cunty like raping children we kill that person. If people are being respectful of other's lives we leave them the fuck alone.
  11. Enforceable contract and property rights (including right to your life) are the basis for libertarian government.

    Unfortunately our government seems hell bent on creating a corporate neo-feudal state which could lead us to some new world order :(
  12. If government's abolished borders, people owned their property, and government's had to compete for business just like any other corporation I would be alright with this.

    It's not ideal, but frees up the monopoly on violence. It's a step in the right direction
  13. Let's not say a NWO order but one government that take sober the world. It world be the modern Roman Empire. Now let's say it can be a good republic, I think this would be great.
  14. Pros: The metric system will finally be implemented world wide
    Cons: ∞
  15. Their are no Pros, because most won't survive the NWO.
  16. There are no pros. The elite want to create a world government, and have made great process in doing so, with the formation of the EU, forming the North American Union, NATO, NAFTA, the creation of the UN, and now they're imperializing hostile areas of the world like the middle east and africa (both incredibly rich in resources and fossil fuels as well).

    But if they get their wish, through control of the banking systems and political systems, it will mean nothing but complete surveillance and tyranny. Rulers and serfs, a living hell where the devil rules supreme.
  17. Cons: The NWO wouldn't abolish other governments, rather add yet another layer of government on top of people. Forced to obey edicts from half way across the world, national capital, state capital, AND city council.

    Pros: I'll have to get back to you on that.
  18. Depending on government type and the people in said government, i can see the NWO being a very good or very bad thing.

    It'll happen if we want it to or not, so fuck it. Let's speculate.
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    The new world order is not just a political entity; it is primarily a religious endeavor.

    The new world order is the exact antithesis of the kingdom of heaven that Jesus preached in the Bible. People who will be good citizens in the kingdom of heaven are not welcome in the new world order and conversely people who would comply with the new world order will not make it in to the kingdom of heaven.

    The new world order is just Babylon on crack and bath salts.

    Pros: you get to replace your suv with a golf cart.
    Cons: you get to sell your soul to hell.

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    Pros- Genetically enhanced everything
    Cons- Oops did that get out of the lab?
    Pros- Transhumanist Robotic penises
    Cons- Robot dicks can't feel anything

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