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Pros and cons of a med card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by abrahamx, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. I am in MI and can easily get a card if I choose. $170 at the Dr. and $100 to the state. I am just not sure I want to spend $270(I would easily if I was working steady). The reason I want a card is not to buy overpriced weed or be a care giver. I grow my own as of now and realy just want the card so I can get some clones. After buying a hundred or two on clones I'm sitting at about 3-470 for four plants. I can just order seeds for about $50-75. So I am torn and was just looking for other opinions on the matter.
  2. if you are caught growing your looking at a long jail sentence. so the 270$ towards getting a card is (in your case) a safeguard to avoiding jailtime. In Michigan, it is a felony, a 20,000 dollar fine, and 4 years jailtime. You will be thinking fuck when you get caught. If i were you I would rather pay 270 dollars rather than the above..

    source: Michigan Marijuana Penalties - NORML
  3. I could never imagine getting caught. Is the fine that much just for four plants? I used to alwasy think that I could care less if I get caught cuz I have no record and just assumed I would get off with probation. If the fine is that much I will have to do this. Still seems like if I were caught even with a card I would still get busted. Anyone have any stories of getting busted but having a card so they let you off? Thanks for your input.
  4. You cannot go to jail for getting caught if you have a card but they CAN take your plants if the cop is a douche...
    Without one, your pretty fucked man
  5. #5 yoctown, Dec 15, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2010

    legally can grow
    legally can smoke
    legally can distribute to other patients (somewhat...)
    With your extra trimmings you can make hash and let me tell you... I like hash...

    Initial and renewal cost.

    I highly recommend you get it. Help you sleep better at night if you do grow.
  6. Whats the renewal schedule and price?
  7. just search craigslist and call your local clubs to see if they know of any caregivers that will pay the fees for you. Surprisingly, most caregivers pay for your card and renewal fees. If you're interested in being a caregiver that is a whole separate process.
  8. Why would they do that? I am not paying $100/quarter from any caregiver. I am not willing to spend that much on pot. I get a qp for 500 or pretty good weed. Plus I now am growing some dank. I could see them paying for it if I started buying from them. I'm living on $100 a week on unemployment so $170 is kind of steep. Then $100 to the state, then $100 for clones. Or $50 for some seeds. I would like to be legal but have not been for 25 years so a few more wont hurt I suppose. If I could find someone to pay for it for me that would be great. Or find someone to sell me clones without my card. I just hate spending the time and cash on male plants.

  9. If you qualify then get the card...get caught without it and I would think it would be impossible to get for some time (you in jail, on regular drug test with probation, if you have too many plants-a federal crime record for trafficking/production...):eek:
  10. Yea, I gotta get up there. Probably go right after the first of the year.
  11. Yep it is worth 270 to be worry free in my opinion. Not to mention if you get caught and the fines and time wasted.
  12. The fine??? Umm... have you taken a moment to check the laws? You'd be facing at least one felony with the possibility of jail time. To get out of the jail time you'd be facing thousands in lawyer fees.

    Get the card.
  13. IMO, having a card gives you so much peace of mind.
    Driving, growing, smoking, anything with pot really.
    It'll be beneficial in the long run, as well as possibly the short.

    That's quite a high price for clones though?
    Dispenserys in town charge around $25 a clone. I got a guy that does 'em for $5
  14. Yea, I was figuring them at 25 bucks. I see them any where from 5 to 50 bucks for teenagers ready to flower.
  15. You can get clones free.... just meet some patients and be friendly. The clones cost them nothing but a few snips.

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