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Pros and cons of a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cabooze, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Hey im new to gc, but iv bin smoking for two years now :smoke:, iv hit from a bong and know how to use one. but i was wondering what are some pros and cons of a bong, like dose it smell strong when you smoke, smooth hits, ect... Im thinking about buying a small bong. and one last thing, whats a "poker" for?
  2. Dude! Chicago! I live in the suburbs of chicago! Anyway, its all up to preference.
  3. Pros-
    Smoother Hits
    Bigger Hits
    Gets you pretty damn high

    Smells like shit
    Size might be too big for storage/hiding it.

    Poker? Maybe to clean your bowl with? Dunno, never heard of that term.
  4. pro gets you higher, con you cant put it in your pocket
  5. Pros:
    Clean/smoother hits. (filtered through the water)
    Gets you higher than a spoon or other smaller pieces.

    More expensive.
    Usually harder to transport/hide because of the size.
  6. Don't forget expensive and a bitch to replace
  7. Poker? maybe cleaning the bowl.
  8. Pros:
    *smooth, more filtered smoke
    *gets you baked as fuck with less weed than joints/blunts
    *less smelly than joints/blunts
    *some bongs you can get pretty cheap nice pieces

    *once it gets dirty, it gets fucking diiiirty.
    *you need to clean it, regularly. trust me, if you don't you willlll taste it.
    *they can be pretty expensive
    *if it's glass, you can break it.
    *they start to smell after a while
    *they're not that good if you're trying to be stealth, the bubbling of the water is pretty loud at night.
  9. Pros:Get a bigger, cleaner and all around better hit

    Cons: Too big to hide from your P.O. and another plus is that it smells like shit after a couple weeks of use.
  10. i think a poker is what i would call a "pokey bit", basically just a pin or needle or somethin to poke the mix in the bowl once its lit to make sure its all burning evenly.

    as for pros - i've never felt the high hit me as hard from anything other than a bong (talkin conventional everyday smoking tools here)

    cons - can be a bit hard getting used to, can also make you cough like a mofo. also you need to wash them out pretty regular or they get dirty and stinking and taste like shit.
    and remember, you will kick the bong over at some point :)

    but yea, bongs rule man.
  11. The only downsides are cost if it breaks, and smells like ass if not cleaned regularly.

    However you do get bigger, smoother, filtered hits. Plus it takes less to get you high so you will probly save money in the long run assuming it doesnt break.

  12. Thanks, this has really helped me make up my mind, im still a little lost on if it smells worse then blunts though :confused:
  13. Bongs get you higher IMO and they use less weed to get you that high.
  14. pros
    - cooler, less harsh hits
    - you get more of an "i'm smashed" high off it, joints etc tend to have a different effect
    -its quicker than rolling a j (and you can choose directly how much to have instead of having a whole j at once)
    - much less smelly than a j while you're using it, the smoke smells less and disperses faster

    - needs to be cleaned and the water has to be changed regularly, which can be tricky if you live with non smokers, but its easy for me since my room is directly opposite the bathroom lol
    - hard to store , it has to be stored somewhere that's; stable, secure, upright, and is easy to access quickly (if you need to worry about being discovered)
    -the smell affects things around it, it spreads so you gotta keep ur setup clean.
    - hard to hide quickly
    - spillage

  15. maybe he's reffering to something me and my friends call a "Pokey tool"?
    small flathead screwdriver, bobby pins, paperclips can all be used as a pokey tool
    also, The first time I actually got high (the 5th time smoking...) I had taken One fat rip out of a Bong and got super faded. Ever since then my favorite method of smoking is with a bong. Only downside is that they're not that portable, you gotta clean 'em and if your too lazy they require water :D
  16. for me the cons are
    hard to hide
    unique sound hard to conceal

    but there is a up side
    gets you high
    cooler smoke
    less ganja used

    its all personal opinion
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    id say it definitely does NOT smell as much as a joint or blunt... you can pack small bowls that you can finish in one hit, if done right no extra smoke escapes. blow it through a pillow or mattress, or zero the hit, and you are smoking smell free. i think what these other people mean by "stinking" is the bong itself after regular use. bong water really smells bad, but this can be avoided by just emptying the water when you finish. the actual act of smoking doesnt cause too much stink.

    not making fun, just thought the idea of a bong NOT being reusable is hilarious. lol throw-away bongs.
  18. Definitely less than blutns and joints...put together :p just make sure to pull the bud through the bowl and clear all the smoke, and your good :D

  19. Blunts smell like blunts, bongs smell like shit, i can't stand smelling a bong, wash mine out after every use.
  20. #20 slarzon, Mar 2, 2011
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    pros gets you baked
    smooth as hell
    tastes amazing
    you can pull bigger hits

    debunk some cons it wont smell if you change your bong water every night and clean it with some iso alch every 1 to 2 weeks

    smells a hell of alot less than a burning blunt

    may be loud depending if you get one with an ashcatcher or deffused
    my bong is almost silent becuse of the ac and all the duffusion holes

    oh and mine is a 12 inch straight tube
    i have no real cons hard to hide not really i have many boxes and stuff transportation is easy just put it in a backpack and make shure it is clean 100%

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