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  1. An ingredient in some nasal sprays.

    Have heard it gives you a speed like high.Sounds stupid tho.

    Has any one tryed this?
  2. It's shitty and the cotton rods you have to eat can give you impacted bowels. It doesn't really do much as a stimulant or recreational drug. It's not like the good 'ol days when you could go out and buy a Benzedrine inhaler.
  3. hmm..what was in the benzedrine inhalers?

    o do you mean the ones that were around a long ass time ago,like in 80s.
  4. Try 50's man lol.. But yeah, they used to be soaked full of d-amphetamine.. Good shit :cool:
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    O lol i was way off.

    Hmm Ive been reading a bunch of experiences for this drug and a lot of people say they like it,some prefer over adderall and Ritalin.

    I kinda want to try this.
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    You are talking about Benzedrex nasal inhalers, which contain Propylhexedrine. Propylhexedrine (or just propyl for short) can be quite strong. I've had an addiction going since September-ish, been using it roughly 3-6 times a month since that time.

    My usual dose is 2 rods, though I can go for three if I've been using a lot and my tolerance is high. I much prefer it to adderall or any other stimulant preparation. It's much better than the low-grade powdered methamphetamine that's available in my area. Yes, it can be nauseating and disgusting, but I just cap it up and don't taste it going down. Every time I burp those nasty menthol burps, I just breathe through my nose (Idk, I can deactivate my taste buds kinda like holding my nose but without holding my nose).

    The high from it lasts about 6 hours, with another 6ish hours coming down. This is probably biased information, but I don't find the comedowns from the drug to be that bad at all. They're actually rather slow and long (4-6 hours), so you slowly come down from your speed high rather than being dropped like a rock back into sobriety. It takes a toll on your body like any potent stimulant drug, but not necessarily too much worse than adderall/other forms of amphetamine, though their high tends to be much cleaner.

    The insomnia from benz, for me at least, lasts from 12-15 hours after I dose. I'd say it's on par with some form of methamphetamine, both in intensity and addiction potential. I'd say it's like 60-70% the potency of decent (not shitty) meth, with additional physical aspects (tingling, increased body load).

    Oh, and Benzedrine inhalers (which contained actual L/D-amp) were popular from 1928 until 1959, when it was scheduled as a Schedule II drug.
  7. Hey Cam, what do you do to cap em? Do you just shred them, cut them, grind them?

    Which would you say it is closer to in terms of speed and 'up' effects, regular amphetamine, ritalin, meth, ephedrine?

    Does it leave you feeling very exhausted? Somewhat?

    Sorry if I'm asking a lot, I never really took that much intrest in this one but if there's good potential I don't want to miss out.
  8. I cut them up with scissors, stuff the contents of 2-3 rods into 4-7 size 00 capsules.

    Propyl is very unique, as it feels somewhat similar to meth/amphetamines, though it wears the fuck out of your body and makes you feel exhausted, so some label it as feeling more "dirty". Definitely more dirty than Adderall, or anything like that. I've heard it described like this:

    "If meth is a city, Benzedrex is it's suburb", and I completely agree with that statement.

    Personally, my body has become used to its presence, to the point where I don't even care about comedowns anymore, and am not that exhausted after using it (although you will be). A few people have really negative reactions to it (nausea and vomiting for hours), but take it on a full stomach and you'll be fine.

    Regardless of its negatives, it is still a powerful stimulant (like I said, about 60-70% the potency of decent meth), and can be a whole lotta fun. Just do your research, know what you're getting into, and you should be fine.
  9. Alright man that sounds good.. I'm not new to the amphetamine comedowns either, when you've been to the point that you can pop 300mg in a day you have pretty much experienced the worst comedowns.

    How do you think klonopin would help with that comedown? Do you get that static in your head feeling too or just that dead body feeling?
  10. man just go get some meth instead of these off-the-wall-uppers you keep posting about OP.
  11. ya that would seem like the more appropriate approach,but Ive heard a lot of good about this drug i kinda want to give it a try.

    Also its a OTC drug so i can just go take one,its practically free.

    ya taking a couple of bars or some kpins would probably work wonders for the comedown
  12. benzos always help with comedowns jack herra but i think he's looking for effectiveness and how quick he'll be able to fall asleep.
  13. No, I want to find something that will keep me from feeling so drained.

    I think I'll just take a handful of robaxin, some kpins and smoke some green. Muscle relaxers and benzos work soooooo much better than benzos alone.
  14. tru tru,definitely post back when you take one of those i want to know how it is.i really want to try one.
  15. It'll probably be after monday, I gotta get some money and find where I can buy an inhaler.
  16. ya I'm probably just gonna take one but what i want to know if they keep it behind the counter or if its just in the meds section.

    lol ''fuck you nutmeg bitch''
  17. Haha nice to see that someone noticed my user title! :D
  18. lucky mofos!!

    what makes them sell them then, and not now?? fucking bullshit

    why can't they let us be happy?
  19. The government is an anti-fun institution, didn't you know?
  20. lol hahaha:hello:

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