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Proposed new felony. Any objections?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by peanutbutter, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Ten years for breaking into a legal mmj grow.

    This crime causes long term suffering by depriving a patient of their medicine.

    Can anyone think of an objection?
  2. Larceny is already a felony
  3. Felonies get extra time, depending on extra conditions.

    Like if it is conducted with a weapon.

    BTW I "liked" your answer. Some thought involved.
  4. Honestly, I personally don't think anyone should spend years in a jail cell just for stealing something.
  5. This theft causes physical suffering.

    You can't just go to the drug store and buy more.
  6. I don't know. Ten years would be pretty stiff for a first offense.

    I hear what your saying though. Although you can grow legally here in CO now, you can't insure your grow. You could go get more MJ at a dispensary.

    Probably should be a stiffer sentence since the crook would be depriving a person of their medicine.

    I don't mean to thread jack, but here is an interesting local article about the Sheriffs Dept. being sued for destroying MMJ plants.
  7. if this is the case than our legal representatives should do jail time for attempting to deprive us of our medicine
  8. I agree they should go to jail for forcing innocent people to suffer.
  9. Naw, you never been locked up before huh? Spend a half a year locked up and tell me what you wrote above OP is reasonable
  10. [quote name='"riverroadjack"']Naw, you never been locked up before huh? Spend a half a year locked up and tell me what you wrote above OP is reasonable[/quote]

    This.... now I'm definitely not supporting people stealing grows.... I'm just merely talking about the jail topic here, I believe judges, lawmakers etc. should spend time behind bars before they give out these ridiculous sentences for the stupidest things, its much too easy to throw someone In Jail rather than find the real problem at hand and work on it, such is the society we live in though from the medical industry to the justice dept. Nothing but quick fixes all around... rant over

    OK ,now as far as grow thefts go, public shaming maybe, or have them sit there and trim a huge crop by themselves WITHOUT a smoke break, lol idk .... prob if it wasn't in demand on the black market theft wouldn't be much of a concern in a sense, idk I could be wrong.
  11. Thanks for the intelligent post ^
  12. 10 years is a bit harsh, but just don't break into it? If you're lucky enough to live in a place where you have at least decriminalization/dispensaries, take advantage of that. Be happy that you're not still paying for $15 grams. You can get some of the best quality weed in the world for way cheaper than some have dreamed of, just pay for it. That's like saying it's harsh for an alcoholic to break into a liquor store. Sadly, you have to face the punishment and our government obviously seeks the most harsh punishments.
  13. Not to mention the amount of FOR-PROFIT prisons in the US. Think about that - these prisons get paid to lock people in a cage.
  14. did mandatory minimums work out in the drug war? Pretty good?

    No. HELL NO.
  15. What if I break into someone's house and take all their prescriptions? What would you propose the penalty be?

  16. ....point being?
  17. Stealing someone's money can deprive them of mmj too. Crime is crime.

    Some homicides result in less jail time than 10 years.
  18. Burglary is burglary.

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