Proposed law could subject you to 20 years in prison!

Discussion in 'General' started by CoinOpBoy, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Alright this is just completely and utterly rediculous, when will this fucking stop?!?!?! Why is it that lawmakers continuously IGNORE FACTS.
  2. get out of here while you can...seriously.

    EXODUS, movement of jah people.
  3. man im moving to canada when im done with college plain and simple, hopefully the US won't scare the canadians into more anti-drug laws before then.

  4. Too late...Harper's dumping $50 million into it and beefing up shit. :rolleyes:
  5. thats it, im moving out of this fucking country as soon as i possibly can.
  6. How is this possible? The Government really does think it is our parents. Well, fuck them.
  7. Isn't that fucking unconstitutional? Freedom of speech.. or freedom to a peaceful protest.. fucking come on...
  8. do you really think at this point they give a shit about our constitution? that's laughable
  9. This can't pass. It's unconstitutional to prevent peaceful protest and speech. Even if they let those parts out, you still can't really be liable for your guests choices.
  10. Could we make a case? vs. Government?

    for making unconstitutional laws?
  11. o_O looks like we missed this one citizens...

    This is exactly what I'm talking about :d
  12. I'm truly astonished that some of you are acting so surprised. Are we really basing our opinions on the idea that the hierarchy is using sensible logic to govern us?

    THAT, my friends, is laughable.
  13. Where are the fucking civil rights unions when you need them!
  14. No offense to the states, but you guys got some fucked up politicos. Unfourtunately that's the way harper's headed up here too.
  15. It's just that the american public has lost it's will to fight. Back in the 70's there were hundreds upon hundreds of violent protests, why can't we do that?

    Not that violent protesting would be a good thing at this point in time, but in the future, 20 years from now when it's still illegal, what then will we do?
  16. i mean I'm a big patriot, I love the country and all it stands for, but I just believe that these damn politicians are god damn power hungry.. Like fucking invading other countries for being a different political government.. and we have to go save fucking isreal because that's the holy land...
    religion must get out of politics. religion limits on what pro-choice(s) we have....

    same sex marriage should be legal...

    statutory rape needs rethinking... your girlfriend could be 1 month younger than you abd if you have sex with her you would go to jail..

    and the overall justice system. fuck capitol punishment...

  17. we should sue the government, n get a shitload of money, n then after its passed out divided to all the potheads we'd all end up with like 20 bucks
  18. dude hell yes, and we can all buy some nice dank bud!
    that'll be sweet, and then it would announce on the news " has decided to share it's winning money to each member of its online messaging board. With this cash (estimated 22.5 per account) they will be buying quote "some dank ass bud" unquote.

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