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Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I searched for this but couldn't find anything so here it is:

    These are novel times, Blades. Technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid rate. I still don't know what 3G means...

    Post some things that you would like to invent. New smoking methods, vehicles, toothbrushes that display pictures in your brain as you brush your teeth. Anything and everything. Maybe someone will take initiative and bring some of these things into being! :D

    I've got a few that I'll post as I MS Paint them up.
  2. This is not drawn to scale

    This is something I'm actually going to build. My hut is so small that I really don't like smoking it up. It gets smoggy in here really quick. I would like to do something with a possible shut off valve so that I can keep the cold air out. Any suggestions?

  3. Dude that's awesome. Now I know what to get some people for Christmas! :D
  4. bootshoe

    half boot....half shoe
  5. [​IMG]

    These I think would be really useful. It's a simple idea, I think. The numbered ovals are small buttons that have a sticky backside. Each button shares a frequency with the other in its pair. When you push either button in a pair, the other one starts flashing a red LED and beeping.

    Stick one to an anchored item, like a TV. Stick the other one to the small mobile item, like the remote.

    One to your bedside, one to your wallet.

    One to your cell phone, one to your car dash.

    Never again lose your remote, cell phone, keys, wallet, glasses case....
  6. So my theory is this guy bahookahjoe just makes up bullshit to fuck with our high brains guys...
  7. hahahah

    I love to think and get people thinking man :smoking:
  8. I aint saying shit. OP's tryna rob me of my future millions:devious:
  9. Blue prints and diagrams made in MS Paint do not make sense to me when I'm high, are you actually doing something scientific ? is this real engineering
  10. No way man. I'm just smoking weed and thinking about cool things that someone should make. I don't give a fuck about the money, I just would like to see these things be created.

    Think about all the times you've lost your remote. Wouldn't it have been nice to push a button on your TV that made the remote flash and beep?
  11. true , but I have morals against this man. We need to stay mentally sharp as a species and technology like this is just gonna .. derrrrrrp

  12. Im sure they have something like that.
  13. Well, watching TV in general does that. I just like to make things efficient. When I lose something I want to find it fast.
  14. That would be awesome if I could use my cell phone to find my car dash. I lose that fucker all the time.
  15. so your lesbian? awsome.

  16. what the fuck am i looking at? is that a funnel???? that thing would rank in smell damn
  17. Post your cool invention ideas!
  18. Had this idea a couple years ago, and I'm reminded of it every year whenever I go to CA; my aunt's car is really messy, she has like a 2 hour commute on the 405 every morning and afternoon, so the car just ends up with coke cans all over the place in it.

    So it gave me the idea; a cup holder in the center that when you're finish with the cup/can, you press a button and the base of the holder opens up, the can/cup falls through into a curved pipe so the cup/can is horizontal by the time it gets to the base of the pipe, with an IR sensor on the wall so it sees when something has entered it, and pushes it with a little rubber hammer attached to a beam with a spring on it (kinda punches it once and shoots it down the pipe). The pipe is attached to a box below the trunk area of the car (where the spare tools and stuff normally are) or inside the trunk (depending on where the pipe can be aligned to not go through the middle of the interior) and every few days just take the box out, empty it in the trash/recycle it, put it back in, good to go again.

  19. Not a lesbian. Just not picky. Lol.

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