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  1. we Need a section for legal cardholders. with legal questions. like maybe call it 420 and law ...or something.......Like this if you agree or contact a MOD
  2. Are you saying that everyone on here does this stuff illegally???? wink wink
  3. Thats a hell of an idea. But are you talking about legal questions pertaining to growing as a card holder?

  4. well yes. and also legal questions in general .. whether it's law on a local , state or federal level. It could consist of quotes of law. youtube vid's of cases won and loss pretty much anything legal. does this answer your question? or do I need be more specific?:D

  5. noooooo Rick ..... I would never suggest that anything is illegal :cool:
  6. Fuck the Federal level. No one wins there.

    I think this is a good idea

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