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    The inadequacy of our knowledge binds us in a frost bitten world of discontent. In it began our mental trek for the unfathomable prosperity that will eternally elude us. Our unkempt souls will sag and tare. Beauty will huddle itself together in order to gain life giving warmth. All has meaning. Nothing is detached. This world is our world. Host to gods, demons, saviors, messiahs, and so many others. Fear them. Hate them. Love them. It’s all virtual reality anyway. Any belief system will topple when faced with the truth. Desperately scramble to procure the ultimate answers before your manifestation as a being is changed. There is no answer.
  2. I'm sorry noy to be offensive,but i think your views are a little screwed up. It is just the card that life delt you,This world is of no importance anyway, its all physical, for it to meen something we have to be more in touch with god. i do this threw meditation,and weed. it relaxes,stress free and supreme happiness. Thats my opinion only, And i take everyones views into account i just think you need to do a little more searching to really find out about this physical world.
  3. I don't think it's screwed up so much as realistic.
  4. The thing is, it doesn't matter that it's meaningless. Because in this lies the opportunity to choose our own values, our own beliefs. It's precisely because we are insignificant that we can choose what IS significant. So take your pick. But pick wisely, cause you only get a lifetime.
  5. i think this whole thread is screwed up (but then i am very very sleep deprived) its 10am and i havn't been to bed yet.

  6. thankyou.

    sometimes the fight gets a little much to handle. thankfully, there are kind folks to help pick you up, dust you off, and put you back on your feet.

    being happy in yourself, and you don't have to go anywhere you don't want to!? which bits will you learn to love inside before completely loosing the plot? all i hope. you are a freak. enjoy. so is everyone else.

    don't worry about the big things, just learn the little things and how to live with yourself without hatefull destructiveness.

    john lennon was right. love is the answer. and you know that, for sure.

    remember though, some have stepped outside. some fell off the balance and didn't let anyone else pick them up. "super humans" need no one. that's power. and you find it within, or you find it with a partner and go on to create another high powered freak of time/nature.

    who knows. apparantly, to some, it's just a game. shame it hurts so much at times.

    balance of growth and love? i dunno... i'm just getting connected with the universe.

    trying to decide before i go mad? always. i suppose.

    back to work.
  7. uhhh..
    "All has meaning."
    "There is no answer."


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