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Properties of Cannabinoids [PIC]

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Synned, Apr 13, 2009.

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  2. interesting. Ty saves me a few minutes of research.
  3. good article.
    This is excellent for anyone who wants to vaporize.
    You can set the temp on what ever cannabinoids you want.
  4. I've always wondered this.. is the % the percent of the chemical in marijuana, or the % compared to other cannibinoids in the trichomes?
  5. do you have a link to where you found this info? pretty amazing.
  6. Cool information.
  7. I forget where I actually stumbled upon the picture, but here is the source,

    CANNABIS THERAPEUTICS IN HIV/AIDS by John M. McPartland and Ethan B. Russo pp. 102-132 Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts?
  8. great thread man!

  9. A good concise diagram. Very good post.
  10. + rep indeed. Awesome chart.

    Too bad its all one image and I can't print it :(

  11. if you use word you can insert the picture in 3 separate pages and adjust the picture position then print.
  12. the boiling points of each Cannabidnol is priceless information for vaporizer users. Now I know that in order to get to each of the CBDs I need to crank it up to 9 on the Volcano (226 C) for at least one bag.
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    Will, do you think that the volcano is dead accurate? It'd be nice if that was the exact temp it was vaping at...I'm not sure though.

    What if you got your vape to that temp before loading in the bowl and smoked each cannabinoid individually? E.G. first vape for CBD for your first high, afterwards vape at a higher temp for the next cannabinoid, etc etc.

    And holy crap... a sticky. :D :D
  14. No, sadly the Volcano isn't that accurate. S&B says that the classic has a +/- of 5 degrees C, while the Digital is much more accurate with +/- 2 degrees C.

    As to your second question...I'm not sure that's actually possible to be honest. Once you reach a certain temp, all the various CBDs that have a lower boiling point will start to vaporize. Each strain will have differing quantities of each CBD, so in order to be fully efficient, more than one bag would have to be blown at each temperature.

    I think...
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    No, those figures are for homogenous liquid forms. The word boiling clearly states this, it's not a mistake and certainly does not mean anything else. Sublimation occurs at different temperatures than boiling, as the two are not the same. Both require heat in order for the phase transition to occur- but boiling is a completely exothermic reaction whereas sublimation is endothermic. I have personally never seen a sublimation temp chart for cannabinoids, but i'm sure one is out there. Again, they are on two completely different temperature scales. If you want to oxidize your buds just put them in bong, much more enjoyable than burning it in a vape :)
  16. I'm sorry, I'm really tired and baked, can you rephrase that so someone as dense as me can understand it?


    *I'm totally serious, I didn't understand any of that*

  17. Sublimation is when a substance goes from solid to gas without an intermediate liquid phase. For example, take late Spring snow. When it happens it often 'evaporates' directly without becoming liquid water, because the Sun is strong enough at that point to sublimate the ice crystals rather than melting them first.

    THC begins to sublimate well below the boiling point, just as water begins to give off steam and evaporate long before it boils (the latter isn't sublimation but it illustrates a similar point).
  18. Wow great post! Can you actually set the temp of your vaporizer to burn certain chemicals for different highs?
  19. Theoretically, yes I guess you can. We don't know the sublimation temperatures of the different compounds though... Someone could experiment and figure it out, easily enough. The temps there on the chart, once again, are boiling temperatures for homogenous liquid forms.
  20. OK I get it without doing the experiments, how can we find out the sublimation temperatures for the solid crystals? Personally I like to be the most efficient with my volcano, and I would love to know that I'm setting it properly to get the maximum efficiency without completely turning my leaf into "burnt popcorn" if you know what I mean.

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