Proper way to trim leaves without infection?

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  1. I've been trimming dead leaves with a sanitized Fiskar micro snip... however, one of my plants is infected with stem canker and I'm guessing it got through one of the open wounds in the plant. Now, I've looked around the internet but I can't find any conclusive information to my question.

    What's the most appropriate way to trim leaves off cannabis plants WITHOUT risking infection? Should I wipe with H202 to the fresh cut to sanitize? Please someone link me to a proper guide or offer a good explanation on the best way to trim your plants without risking ANY sort of infection. 

    I have bottom leaves dying due to past salt build ups, but the petioles fall off right from where they connect to the main stem (which I hear is bad from Ed Rosenthal)... so what's the best way to go about trimming your cannabis plant (removing dead leaves) WITHOUT risking infection to the open wounds?
  2. pinch them off with your fingernails. If you have any infected material in the grow room chop it off and get it out of there first. Take the whole plant out if needed.
  3. Why do you have to trim?  I only remove fan leaves if they come off with a slight tug...
  4. Its pretty hard to get an infection. At least in my past grows i haven't had a problem and I used some pretty dirty knives. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    I'd use sanatised scissors, although.. dude i've never had anything like this ever happen to me, i've been growing for a while :confused:

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