Proper way to test soil runoff Ph?

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  1. Greetings.
    I've read conflicting methods, and interpretations of the results.
    First the two methods:
    1. Water with a known Ph water, and read the first few drops.
    2. Flush with a known Ph water, and read resulting runoff.

    Now the two interpretations:
    1. The Ph of the runoff is equal to the soil Ph.
    2. You should average the Ph of your water, and the resulting runoff to get the soil Ph. (ie water =6, runoff =8, soil would be 10, as the water brought it down 2.)

    Answers gratefully sought.
  2. The first few ouncez of runoff should be tested........If the runoff is 6, then the PH of the pots is about 6. Do one plant at a time until you know what each plant is at.
  3. ^hes right, number 1... ive never heard of what u said in number 2...

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