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Proper way to store tobacco for bong use?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MeechAdamson, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I like to smoke my weed with tobacco through bong and usually buy 50g tubs, last me and my friends about 3-4, doesnt go bad. Recently I bought a 100g tub because the store only had those ones left and am wondering about a right way to store it to ensure its freshness.  My old tubs had a mosture pad on the lid which were mint, but this one doesnt.
    The clerk recommended putting it in the fridge but i've heard mixed opinions about that. Any ideas?

  2. Dude if you smoke with tobacco, youre probablty gonna get a really intense rush but your burning a lot of thc because tobacco burns hotter. And be carefull with tobacco addiction because it can be a bitch. Like there tons of people that smoke spliffs and they think they need another spliff but its just the nicotine calling the shots.
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    you don't want to hear anti-pot rhetoric, tobacco smoker don't want to hear anti-tobacco rhetoric. Besides, you're not answering the OP's question.

    To help out the OP: go to any pipe tobacco smoking form, and I'm sure there with either be lots of threads about this, or a article of sorts.
  4. amen brother^^^
    OP, if it gets too dry try putting little chunks of orange or lemon peel throughout the tub, the baccy will absorb the moisture from them, and it doesn't affect taste or anything. if its too moist then chuck bits of a rolly paper in there to dry it out. either way be sure to check on it momentarily so as not to over-do it.
    ...and yeh even though baccy is defs addictive, the amounts you consume while smoking pot are minimal in comparison to a normal cigarette habit (lets say a pack a day, roughly 20 ciggys). Depending on how hard you mix, and how big your sessions are, and how often, you would have to be smoking an HEROIC amount of bongs to get through 20 cigs worth of tobacco everyday.
  5. Smoking tobacco from a bong is hard core.
  6. Store it in the trash can, should keep it fresh
  7. then he can go to a tobacco forum lol..
 retain proper freshness store  it in your anus.

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