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proper way to smoke out of a pen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fjgarza, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. okay, i know you guys must be tired about "homemade pipe" threads, but I am very new to pot. ive smoked 4 times, got high once. the 3rd time i smoked I got high. my friend put weed in a cleaned out pen, and then just lit the pen, no screen or anything. is that right? i mean i got high, but the next time i did it that way it didn't work. i scooped up the weed out of the bag into the pen and then lit the pen, and felt nothing.

    oh yeah, and sorry if this has been covered before. it is very late and i don't feel like researching. thanks for your time :smoking:
  2. That is a very unsafe way of smoking.. U are smoking chemicals when you do that. I don't care what anybody else says... Either smoke out a can(also dangerous to your health) or do what I would if I was a ten year old boy and couldn't buy a pipe(hint hint)... Get an apple take the stem off the top jab your pen three fourths the way down the stem top... Run the pen through the side of the apple in two different places toward the middle where they can meet.. Now you have a carb(for pressure and release of smoke with your finger) and the other hole to smoke out of. can be used for about three days... Please excuse my rudeness... And welcome to a world of freedom and pleasure and enjoy every moment because you have just joined my religion--- We are keepers of the sacred HERB
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    don't smoke out of a pen buy a glass pipe. And most 18 year olds don't smoke out of a pen when you can buy a metal pipe for a few bucks
  4. There isn't a "proper" way to smoke from a pen. If you just stick buds in one end and light it, your smoking plastic as well as weed.
  5. Let me get a hit of that Papermate.
  6. lol,

    but yeah you're also smoking plastic, the same goes with straws. . . some people use those to smoke their roaches, and it isn't good.
  7. A pen? Damn. Enjoy your brain damage, man, because that's what you're gonna get if you do that.
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    A Metal pen I hope??? If it was plastic your like killing your lungs man... Use the search feature to look for "Homemade Pieces" and just look for one you got the stuff to make and make it... Word of advice though, stay away from plastic on flame, and using foil... Just get a friend to give you a ride to the local headshop and buy a $10.00 Metal/Brass pipe... If your not getting high other the weed is shit your your not inhaling properly... Inhale the hit deep into your lungs, hold for 3-5seconds than exhale...
  9. The proper way to smoke out of a pen is not to... If you have to use an apple pipe. I would be happy to explain how to make one of these
  10. thanks alot guys. i figured something was wrong with smoking out of a pen. it didn't have the same taste like smoking a blunt or a water bottle. imma try a fruit next time. but doest it have to be an apple? my parents got tangerines and stuff? will they work?
    thanks for you time, i appreciate it. :smoking:
  11. When your burn plastic it burns black, and if you do any research what so ever you will see that inhaling this WILL eventually kill you. So if you ever smoke out of a pen again you might as well be taking years off your life.
  12. If your 18 get a pipe from a headshop.
    If your 16 drive around the block and buy an apple at a store.

    If your under 16 and cant get a pipe or an apple the tangerines should work. :rolleyes:
  13. Fuck pens, taste like shit and its bad for you. Any fruit or vegetable you can poke holes in should be usable. I smoked out of a potato once, when I finished I chopped it up and fried the mother fucker. Tasted damn good

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