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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ganjamen, Apr 30, 2006.

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    hey, have some skunk dudes which iwant to preserve before knocking up some lady. Two hermies will autopollinate themselves and hello feminized skunk seeds. But, if im goint to have feminized seeds i wantto keep male and hermie pollen to do it again later and have skunk seed for ever...

    Whats the proper way to collect and store the pollen?. How long will it last? How can i improve polinization chances??

    anyone answering will help, i think i might just have got lucky and avoided the hassle of ordering from the web. The plant`s leaves are very thick and dark green and flowered within a month of 12/12 under 4x 39 watt fluoros. Im more than happy with the way my first grow i going but im planning ahead..

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  2. i believe i read something about pollen some time ago. You must have two grow areas... seperate the male...and once the pollen sacks have exploded... take the male plant and shake over some glass or similar clean surface. pollen can be collected inside air tight jar and stored in cool dark dry place.

  3. keep them seperated. put a bag around a branch of the male plant. when the pollen sacks open, shake the piss outta that branch and bag.

    Then take that bag and put it around a flowering branch of your female plant. Shake the piss outta it twice a day for a couple days. Then wet down the bag and remove it. By just pollinating one branch, you will get plenty of seeds and still have some good, seedless buds to smoke.
  4. whoa looks like someone knows their weed :) never thought of that...very clever.
  5. :D :smoke:

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