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  1. Hi

    I've always wanted to know the answer to this question. Let's say you're chilling at a party, or with a group of people you're only acquaintances with and not really close friends. Let's say they pack a fatty bunt and it starts going in circles.
    The blunt gets to you
    *FAT HIT*
    You take a massive hit, cough a little, but nothing too bad cause you're a fairly seasoned toker.
    30 seconds later and the blunt is back in your hands.
    You drag a substantial amount of smoke and attempt to zero it. You succeeded in zeroing it never your lungs are paying the price by enduring immense pain.
    Oh shit the blunt is suddenly back in your hands again and people are waiting for you to hit it.
    *FAT HIT*
    Goddamn your throat is in flames. You breathe in some fresh air quickly to hopefully subdue the pain. No dice.
    The blunt is back in your hands and all eyes are on you. You can't hit it. Your lungs are just on fire.
    What do you say?
    "Uhh..." You say awkwardly "My throat hurts...I'm gonna pass on this one"

    How can one avoid such a pathetic looking situation? It's not that you're too high or new to smoking or anything. Your lungs just can't handle it. I find myself somewhat frequently in situations like this, most often with blunts because they are inarguably the harshest. I know with friends you can just say "nah bro this is killer I'll skip this one" but with people you aren't friends with its just kinda...awkward.

    I'm sorry for writing in a weird third person objective stance. I'm just really high right now and it was the best way to convey my emotions.

    Tl;dr: what do you say when your lungs hurt too bad while a blunt is going around?

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  2. you pass that shit to your left. youre going to look like a bitch though, no way around it. and why are you taking just one hit off the blunt? 
  3. I usually just say "Nah, man". Back in like high school or whatever I would get pressured into hitting it anyway lol but everyone's over that now.
  4. just say nah i'm good for now. lol if they think your a bitch for not hitti it then theyre the ones being lil bitches, thinking theyre cool for smoking more weed. people like that are a joke, don't feel bad for opting out man.

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  5. "I'm good bro"
    It's not hard. Everyone has their limit. Except the crazy ones, but they just have a high ass tolerance anyway
  6. *cough cough* "I'm good man" *cough cough* 
    while waving my hands in a no no motion and shaking my head back and forth :D
    also y'all don't know how to smoke blunts.  We used to smoke em like you only hold it once before it's done.  Take your time with it.  Baby it.  Make love to it.  Smoke till you are comfortable but be respectful of others who are in for the session..... unless they are straight mooches.
  7. smoke as much as you need, i'll just say ''i'm good" if i've had enough
  8. yeah i just say im done, im high as balls. and when they call me a bitch or whatever i just say oh well lol. im not concerned about what people think of me. i know my truth nigga lol
  9. Fall on the floor and pretend to be choking on a piece of meat.  :bongin:
  10. just take a small hit...
  11. Just say "I'm good".   Everyone has their own limits and rule number one to drug use is know your limit.   Its not a competition...unless it IS a competition then of course you should smoke till you drop.
  12. seriously, man up and just say you are good. It happens to even the most season tokers. You are more likely to be thought of as a pussy if you take another hit and start couging up a lung than if you just say "nah man im done."
  13. "I have to go change my tampon"
    this made me geek out. maybe i am just being a little bitch. i need to smoke more blunts to build an immunity to it then 
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    Are you three years old? Man the fuck up and just say "I am done for now" and either walk out of the circle or pass it to the next person.
    Are we allowed to swear on here?
  16. Bunch of light weights. lol
  17. Cursing is not allowed.
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    "Nah im good for now". most people arent going to complain or anything
    And if someone says shit like you can handle the bud or whatever because youre passing on it, even if it is because youre too high fuck them smoking herb isnt a contest or anything, if they say that then you tell them that
  19. Just say, "get that goddam shit outta my face mutherfucker! And ya ask me again I'm gonna ram it up your ass until ya taste it's shitty flavor!" That'll prolly work.
  20. So many wrong things. First, who the hell only hits the blunt one time? Second, how fast are you smoking this blunt? Between 3-4 people and each person takes a hit, but your throat hurts by the time you get it again? Slow down, it's not a race. Chill out, take a seat, relax, stay a while.

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