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Proper way to consume ABV Cannabis?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ispeakforthetrees, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. This is such a newbie question but here goes... Can I really just sprinkle it on my cereal or in a spread on toast and eat it?
    Some of my ABV flower has small areas of green left, which may not work if ingested without heating, right? Most of it is a light/medium brown.

    Let's say all of it's a light/medium brown, can I simply eat it as is? Or do I need to cook it further?

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  2. i know people who collected their ABV cannabis in a
    mason jar and once they have enough they'll make a run
    of cooking oil or butter. i wouldn't make tincture or hash out
    of ABV, it would be extremely weak.
  3. Since the abv has already been heated you can literally sprinkle it on anything, or even eat it raw.  I toss mine in when making cooking oil or butter.
  4. Honestly, I just eat my ABV how it is, and it leaves me high all day!
  5. Save up an oz and make some killer brownies. Just grind it into a powder through coffee grinder and let it sit in a jar with a half cup of oil. Shake the jar daily and keep it in a dark, cool place. Don't bother straining it after either as I find keeping it in will result in a greater high. I highly reccomend only making brownies with this since the chocolate masks the avb taste well. I find 2g a brownie to be a perfect dose for me a little too strong for the avg toker but for somebody with a built tolerance these will still knock you on your ass. Once I put 3 gram of avb into one single serve batch of canna peanut butter and I was way too high. I loved being that high though shit was fun as hell but I can guarantee you if one of my friends who smokes only once every other day ate that much they would be yaking there brains out.
  6. Rectal enema is the the most effective way. You can also feed it to your dog, wait for him to shit it out, pick it out of the crap, dry it and eat it raw.
  7. Yes, you can just eat it. It all depends on you. But for me, I usually save my ABV and make edibles out of it. 
  8. If u have a beef jerkey maker then you can make dog shit avb jerkey..mmmm!

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