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Proper Feeding/watering for soil - Please Help

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by GreenLemon, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I am using 1,000w bulbs, 5 gallon smart pots, plants are 24" and beginning flower as of tomorrow. I want to know if I should be giving the plants 400ml of nutrient water on day 1, 400ml of water on day 3, 400ml of nutrient solution on day 5... etc... OR give 1 1/2 gal of nutrient solution on day 1( or until run off) then let dry (4-6 days), then give 1 1/2 gal of water, let dry, etc..... Which is a better technique of watering/feeding?
  2. I use 3 gallon pots and pro mix bx soil, I used to water my girls with about 3 litres of water and nutrients, I would water till I saw substantial runoff, it would take anywhere from 7-9 days before the soil was dry enough to water again, I found that the plants weren't growing too well and the soil was always moist no matter how deep I put my finger,
    So, on the next watering when the soil was really dry I started to only water at half of what I was giving it previous, so now instead of 3L per plant they were getting 1-1.5L, the growth showed to be remarkable and they would require watering now every 3-4 days, I would only water till I saw the first few drops of runoff then stop,
    I would water 1L wait 10 mins for runoff, if none add another half L,
    And wait, again I found the growth was much better and consistent as they doubled in size within 2-3 waterings,
  3. Forget the calendar and the measuring cup, when they are thirsty is when you water and give them lots of it, then none at all until they dry out a bit.
  4. What soil? what nutes? cookie cutter advice will only take you so far on a topic like this.

    Water until you see visual runoff (water coming from underneath).

    Make sure you have them in a tray or raised so osmosis doesn't keep sucking the used nutrient water back up into the root ball.

    If you are using a non-soilless mix I suggest a water feed water feed schedule. Once a day, but once again I cannot say until you post your exact soil/nutrient formulas.

    Look forward to your response...
  5. There a good one,
    Don't go by a schedule just water lots when they are dry,
    If it was oh that easy,
  6. I am using sunshine mix #4, Advanced nutrients - sensi 2 part - voodoo, b-52, and calmg since im using osmosis water. I have not watered in 5 days now and they are still not dry, I have heard 400-500ml is plenty of food, and then I have heard feed til you see run off. I think next time I will add big chunks of perlite to the sunshine mix to give the plants more air and have the soil dry up more quickly, until then ill just feed once every 5-6 days switching between 1/4 strength nutrients then calmg water.
  7. I wasn't joking, that's exactly what you do, and it is just that easy.

  8. This is what I do and I pull 1/2 LB every 8 weeks. In a small closet with minimal efforts. Shit I barely look at or fuck with my plants, I have 8 ladies in the closet this grow, expecting about 2 lbs, and again, I don't do shit to them besides water when dry, and PH my nute water.
  9. That's more like it,
    You don't just wTer you adjust ur ph, add proper amount of nutes etc,
    That's wut I meant,

    How big is ur grow to be able to get albs per 8
  10. OK, I missed part of the OP's original question. I thought it was all about how often and how much to water.

    Certainly buffer pH as needed every time. Feed no more than once a week, follow fert directions but only at half-strength or so.

  11. It's been 7 days and some soil is still moist, some ladies dried at 5 days, several more at 6 and I will prob feed the rest today(day7) I will give 1/4 str( .6-.8 ec) as I read more than this is unnecessary. At half str my ec is about 1.2. Maybe I'll give a few bitches half str and see if they have a negative reaction to it, if not I'll feed the rest the next feeding ( 2 weeks from now) I wish the soil would dry every 3 days or less rather than the current 5-7, maybe 5 gal pots are just too large for the size of these females.

  12. Thanks for speaking out... I too am worried about watering. cheers :smoke:
    toastybiz always helping out! +rep = err appears I recently did that and won't allow more reps! cheers anyway

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