Proper fan controller for Sunleaves Windtunnel

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  1. Alright, I've been reading the other threads on here that have to do with fan controllers and I have learned that I need a perfectly compatible fan controller for my Sunleaves 6" Windtunnel so I don't burn the house down.

    I have this fan: Sunleaves :: Sunleaves WindTunnel

    Can anyone tell me what fan controller will quietly and safely work with my fan with zero risk of an electrical fire?

    120VAC, 60Hz, TP <--- The fans specs, I believe.

    Thank you for the help!!

  2. I've seen that controller, but will it work safely? A lot of things work, just not properly or safely.

    That is my major concern. Thank you for the help
  3. i have three of them... my buddy has one... they all work well...

  4. Get a variac variable transformer those speedsters are crap, I have the same fan and the speedster controller and it burned my fan out in three weeks. the speedster works by interrupting the power to the fan, basically shutting the fan off and back on again over and over really fast. THIS IS BAD for your fan motor. you can either buy a propper controller for around 300 bucks, or DIY one out of a variac.

    hope this helps

  5. Got a link? I take it that I need an AC controller then
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    only $19 + shipping here:

    HTG Supply - Blower / Fan Speed Control

    3 year warranty and even says for use with high velocity fans

    I have one and I don't think it works like the speedsters or at least it does not work like kickballrocks describes. My fan kicks on, then it slowly works up to speed and you can clearly hear the difference between the two. If it was kicking on and off as kickballrocks describes it would sound like shit and barely function.

  7. That's interesting because I've heard the speedster and HTG's unit are exactly the same, just re-badged. I guess I'll have to try them out and see. If some shit catches fire don't think I wont be searching for a computer to hop on here and give you all an earful ;)
  8. That HTG deal is a speedster. I tried it with their 6" inline, and my S&P TD-150s. It's a peice of s***. humming and killing the fan. It's sitting on the shelf now. Can't figure out why people keep reccomending them..

  9. lol aaaaand I am back to square one. Guess I'll have to pony up the dough for a variac
  10. These guys are right. I have a sunleaves windtunnel 4 inch unit and when you just plug it in without the speedster it runs super quiet. But as soon as I hooked up the speedster it made a terrible loud humming noise. I only ran it for 5 minutes if that, then disconnected it cause I could tell this thing would ruin my fan in no time. It just doesn't sound right.

    I am running a growbox in the basement and my problem is that it gets too cool in there. So I thought that if I decreased the fan speed it would warm things up. ( I'm getting ready to post a new thread on this)
  11. I read about and built one out of a three speed ceiling fan switch. Obviously made for fans. It worked, but the med and low speeds were so low that the damn thing didnt move any air. I was gonna try to find maybe like an 8 speed or something. Or I'll have to research the Variac. solution. Inevidibly, it always gets back to that on the forums.

  12. Same scenario here, the fan is sucking out too much heat from the lamp and I need that heat, just not all of it.

  13. Yep... Now which variac to buy??

  14. Think I am going with the VSC-DNe

    Objections anyone?
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    I use both controllers in conjunction. I have not had any problems or complaints yet. But if my shit does fuck up, I'm calling htgs and being like wussup? (since I ordered everything from them). They advertised it to work together so I'm sure if my fan burns out over their controller they would do the right thing. But why would they even sell them to run on their fans if the speed controllers were jacked? :confused:

    I'm calling HTGS on monday to ask them why ppl are saying their speed controllers are wrecking their fans and what they suggest is going on or needs to be done.

  16. They'll probably offer you a new controller. I don't see them doing much more than that

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