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  1. Ok so im attempting to cure some buds for my friend.
    He was given a stem and he had it hanging upside down for about two weeks without trimming it.

    So today i went over and trimmed and picked the buds because it was very dry.
    I put the buds in a jar and i was wondering what i should do next.

    Just leave it in the jar and air it out everyday for a few weeks?

    Input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Two weeks seems a bit on the long side - but I dont know how humid / dry the area was.
    Yup - in a jar - burp them at least once a day - turn them over in the jar occasionally.
  3. Yeah, stir/shake gently and open for 10-15 minutes per day.
  4. yeah i know when he told me how long he had it drying i immediately trimmed and jar'ed them.
    the area wasnt really hot, he has a cooler in the room so it was mostly around 70 degrees most of the time.
  5. Shaken, not stirred :p
  6. Smell the jar for mold when you open it daily for the 15 to 30 minutes.
  7. i was smelling the jar today and i noticed that the buds smell like just regular grass with only a hint of some kush smell. Am i doing something wrong or is it just to early in the curing process?
  8. Its early, as the curing continues the cut grass smell should go away and the smell of the weed should start to get stronger and stronger :bongin:
  9. ok. i was worried that it was going to be some bobby brown but i put some in a blunt and i was high as a kite :smoke:
  10. The temptation to pinch off a bowl got another victim :bongin:
  11. yeah, i didnt want to but he wanted to try it out so we smoked a blunt. The buds look good,just didnt smell good :/
  12. Ok so the first batch seems to be curing nicely but today my friend got some more stems and he plucked all the buds of them and gave them to me.

    The buds seem to still be fresh and not dry. Can i throw them into the mason jar with the bud that im already curing or should i put them in a different jar?.
  13. Different jar, putting fresh buds in adds moisture back to the already drying buds.

    Always start new when your drying and curing and treat each jar as though it was its own plant

    Just my 2 cents :bongin:
  14. alright thanks.
    should i let the fresh buds dry? or just thrown them in a new jar?
  15. They need to dry just like the rest did, treat them as a new grow thats just been harvested :smoke:
  16. crap i dont have the jar with me.

    It wont do much damange if they stay in the jar together for just one night will it?
  17. Seperate it as fast as possible, you dont want dried bud in contact with moist bud
  18. oh crap.
    alright ima seperate the dry and fresh bud adn put them into two seperate jars.
    i'll start drying the fresh bud tomorrow
  19. I see plenty of info about drying and cureing, and it all says people cut the buds from the plant to dry it but I've always heared that you should pull the plant, roots and all and hang it intact to dry, that's what I've done. It's been four days, tonight I finished cuttin the fan leaves and most of the sugar leaves, put them in a paper sack to dry. when the stems holding the buds just snap but aren't brittle I thought I would start the cure in jars. Should I put just the dence buds in the jars or buds on a long stem? Any help would be great. NOOBE dats me:wave:
  20. Different growers have different ways to harvest and cure.

    Which way you do it is your choise and it works.

    I cut the whole branch and hang them, the smaller branches with buds gets cut and put on a tray to dry and turned 2x a day.

    Just make sure the buds are dry enough to cure in a jar because you have to be on the look out for mold.

    Some pull the roots and hang the whole plant so it will continue to use all of its sugars as its dieing :bongin:

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