Propane vs Butane Torch Cost/Pricing

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  1. Bernzomatic blue Plumbers Torch is $3 for the large blue can refills (14.1 oz)
    Low quality butane in a 24 cans 300 mL pack is $55

    24 cans x 300 mL = 7,200 mL of fuel ($55)
    14.1 oz converted to mL = 414
    7,200 / 414 = 17.4 (cans of propane)
    17.4 x $3 = $52.17

    This would mean that butane and propane pretty much cost the same price ?
    Can someone please confirm is this is correct or completely off. i am needing to purchase a new torch tomorrow. thx
  2. A single big blue torches will last longer than a case of butane in my experience. But butane torches are better at preventing oxidation and they look better than big blue

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  3. The propane ones are louder to if your doing late night Dabs
  4. yeah the looks and portability/size of it are some of the main reasons I'm wanting to switch to butane but i just can't justify if its a lot more costly to refill over time as i will be using it a lot. Sound level is not an concern.

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