Propane torch in bathroom?

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  1. Ok so I want to rip dabs in my bathroom, but the problem is the vent in my new place's is weak. The old place had a strong vent so it was easy, but now I am conserned about the possibility of triggering the sprinkler system in my bathroom. If anyone could offer any insight on if they have done this please let me know! Keep in mind the I am using a large propane camping torch, it will be lit for approximately 30-40 seconds and there is practically no venting.
  2. Lol... make it rain!

    Seriously doubt you will set off fire sprinklers. You would have it so hot in there, if you did, that you wouldnt be able to breathe anyways...
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  3. Thank you gonna give it a try right now
  4. If really worried, cover the spot with tape where the sprinkler is to prevent smoke from reaching.
  5. Do not do this. The mass majority of sprinklers dont test for smoke. That would be a smoke detector, not a sprinkler. They have mercury or other substances in a small tube that once heated to much it breaks and triggers the water. That's what the red is. They're also very easy to break just touching them. I've actually accidentally set one off and have seen other people accidentally do the same. Next thing you know the fire department comes and they're going to want to know why you were messing with it.
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  6. ...true. wasnt thinking of the what if part.
    Usually they are offset inside of an escutcheon, so was thinking flat tape across the void.
  7. Tape wouldnt stop heat. His little torch wont heat up the room enough anyways unless he foolishly touched. Sprinklers dont test for smoke anyways. Smoke doesnt always mean fire. It could simply be something burning a bit in the kitchen and the whole apartment complex would have to be evacuated and the fire department dispatched, clean up crews called to handle the water over burnt toast. I'm on a jobsite right now that they're being installed on
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  8. Agreed. I was saying it more to cover the stoner logic side of him being paranoid.... if its covered, no need to worry lol
  9. Bad advice regardless. He could have to pay for the clean up, he can even be charged for the firemens time when they figure out he damaged it. That glass breaks super easy. Stoner logic apparently is more stupidly than logic I guess
  10. You've won the daily double! Ha ha

    Sorry for tape advice OP. Hopefully you haven't said anything because you're happily stoned, and not because you got a visit from the fire brigade.

    Note to all: duct tape DON'T fix everything. Lmao
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  11. But duct tape and zip ties

    Ya bro, that sprinkler I set off was on a jobsite. The company I work for wasn't to happy with it was a new building that was almost finished but the alarms hadn't been set up yet so the fire department wasn't notified but my company had to cover the water damage on 2 floors. I think it was in the ball park of $10-12 grand for the repairs.
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  12. Damn, I bet they weren't happy writing that check.
    When I used to do remodels, we would always tape them off to prevent overspray. Never had a live one break, but I can only imagine. Them puppies DUMP some black water fast! Lol
  13. hi
    Seriously doubt you may set fire sprinklers off. You'd get it so hot in there if you did, which you wouldn't be able to breathe anyways...
  14. Anyone else feel a case of deja vu? Lol

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