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Discussion in 'Politics' started by svedka, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. Shift from the "left's derangement"? that was a crisp one, very funny, first belly laugh of the day... it's all a matter of conceptual induced perspective... for the 14th time, i remained silent while the right, disgruntled over Obama rattled their imaginary chains from the imaginary prison they felt he had them in...

    there are no shoulds so don't should on me and i will not should on you thank you very much... i have no goal or agenda to chain anyone locked in their concepts but that doesn't mean i can't toss up a flash card or meme that represents the exact opposite of the radical right or DumpConned... what is hilarious is that they see the left as deranged and hateful equally as much as the left sees them in kind... there is no winner here and it is laughable that Cult Drumpf keeps harping on the Dems as being butt hurt in denial that HRC lost the electoral vote...

    i have renounced the dems but may still put up articles or memes from them when i feel they are spot on target... they send me solicitations for donations but i would rather pay for Washing Post subscription or ACLU to help fund their 56 dome lawsuits against 45...

    Can't we all get along? why the blatant hate?
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  2. I recently discovered this person, thanks to a fellow blade, who will remain Nameless. You know who you are and Thank You, for the Recommendation for those streams.

    I was watching this Yesterday, so i figure it was relevant, most definitely skip over any racial observation part within the video.
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    Israel committed Genocide against the Palestinians through:
    • Slaughtering Palestinians
    • Mental/Physical abuse to Palestinians for Social media criticism of the IDF or any freedom of speech.
    • Blockage in Gaza and Occupation of Palestinians Territory.
    Israel committed Genocide against the Ethiopians Jews through:
    • Giving Birth Control Shots Unknowingly to Ethiopians Jews to prevent growth of the Ethiopians Jewish population in Israel.

    United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect

    Israel has committed two independent act of genocide against two different group of peoples. Regardless how much you hate Islam Palestinians are a mix of both Christians and Muslims. Those Ethiopians are Jews who are African.

    Until you understand that Israel is racial supremacy state, we Western Nations will continually be attacked for supporting tyranny and worst it's at no benefit to the average american.
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  4. You keep copying my post. Cause I got yours.

    20180707_113056.jpg 20180707_113305.jpg 20180707_113359.jpg 20180707_113436.jpg

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
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  5. An important element to note was that NY TIMES reporter Judith Miller was instrumental in pushing the Iraq War.

    The entire fifth column had an aligned interest and it wasn't for the American people.
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    LOL Why do you think i'm ashamed of this? I'm very much proud of my opinion and values. I vocalized them here for all to see.

    Yes Adolf Hitler is a great leader no different than Alexander the Great, Gehkis Khan, Ashoka, Napoleon. History is offensive.

    Thank You for helping me red pill people about the hasbra about kristallnacht, a Jewish Extremist killed a Nazi diplomat in Paris a day before kristallnacht, which would explain why the German People committed those actions.

    Thank You,
  7. OK
    Oh wait is that racist?
  8. 12 minute video explains the truth over the US propaganda... All about Empire didn't want to see an independent state with it's own currency... all about the US dollar and Euro...

  9. upload_2018-7-11_10-2-46.jpeg
  10. Not sure if you dropped this turd on behalf of the troll in cheif (aka Twittler) or in memory of recently departed Stiggy... perhaps you are his other other account?

    Whatever, it is rather coincidental that you have recently ramped up posts in the MEME topic which i assume was created for say "memes" and is the preferred go to place to post them... however that didn't stop Stiggy, GreenWizard and others from using them in any topic for lack of added value content...

    Yes, i know you are a big fan of 45 and a cult member so it's understandable you get carried away but remember too that HE spouts off about the deep state, fake news, etc.... Also remember that Gaddafi was taken out on Obama's watch so this would imply the homeland security state generated propaganda was from the Dems...

    That is if they had any say over it, considering the fact that the shadow govt. and deep state basically call the shots. Are you attempting to derail this topic???

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  11. The spammer with multiple accounts accusing another member of posting useless tripe and owning multiple accounts.


    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
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  12. I'm pretty sure you just did that.
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