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    California regulators urge marijuana buyers to seek out legal shops


    Well, you voted for it..........

    Know your laws/ordinances. Don't let the BCC use scare tactics. Don't buy from clubs/dispensaries (unless it's a finished product aka: hash oil, medical ointments, etc.). I'm talking about just the "raw" bud.

    Don't make these rich assholes richer. I say fuck the state, fuck these businesses, fuck their advertising, their billboards, I don't want kids bombarded with this shit.


    * If you are afraid of theft from the neighbors: Give them some! You might be surprised when nobody fucks with your plants because everyone knows you are a "cool dude". Just my $0.02.
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  2. California fucked up a good thing. Everything legal is way over priced and hard to find satisfactory bud.
    Might work for some kids trying to cop a buzz, but for medicine it's a wash.
    Many places won't allow brick and mortar. I called a delivery place, and the guy who showed up kept trying to upsell everything in his pocket, and kept looking around like he was casing my house. Another time they wanted to meet somewhere in a parking lot.
    I spent $10 for gas to drive 50 miles round trip to a brick and mortar. I was shown some halfway decent looking buds, and sold a sealed can in a black ziplock bag. I get home and open the sealed lid to find a can full of little, and I mean "tiny" little, popcorn buds from the bottom of the plant.
    Man, fuck this horse shit.
    I'd rather go back to good illegal weed from friendly hippies. Where you meet through friends, sit down and smoke a bowl and decide if you want to pay for the rest of the bag.

    I totally agree, "grow your own".
    I had neighbors peeking through the fence with interest. I showed up at their door with 2 oz's in a ziplock and said I didn't like this strain and wondered if anyone there could use it. I never had a problem with them after that, in fact it even settled a parking situation.
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  3. When all this was going on. Everyone in Humboldt county was saying "say no" now it has passed and all of eureka, CA is being bought up by big conglomerates and taking over the market. Almost all mom and pop shops have been run out of business.
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  4. Gavin will be knocking on ur doors soon! Prolly have aunt Nancy with him

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  5. This state is going down the tubes. Remember high speed rail? I laughed and voted no on it. And 10 years later....

    My thinking on that was, why spend 60 billion on something half-assed, when you could spend 2x as much and have real high speed rail. Spend the money. do it right the 1st time. Especially on such a grand-scale civil works project this country hasn't seen since the construction of the Hoover Dam. I was upset they didn't consider Chinese/European Designs (I was a proponent of mag-lev). And they were jerking themselves off saying it will be a shared line with freight trains, etc. I laughed my ass off.
  6. Dumbass idea in the first place. There's already a 6 lane highway going from there to there with 80mph traffic. A flight from LA to SF is about 15 minutes. Just how damned fast does one need to get to the wharf for a $20 bowl of clam chowder?
    So to keep from calling this the failure that it is, there are plans to finish up 100 miles from Bakersfield to Fresno. Connecting one gang infested armpit to another. My, what a success Gavin will be, huh?
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  7. To be fair, a flight from SF to LAX is about 1.5 hours. But I still agree with you.
  8. TSA time? I haven't made that flight since the early 70's. We'd climb for a few minutes, then level a few moments, then descend. Boarding to luggage pick up was less than an hour total.
    Maybe they gotta sit there for clearance longer now?
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    Google SFO to LAX and it will show you tickets prices, etc and fight times. The times right on that page do not include the TSA molestation times. For that, the TSA recommends arriving about 1-2 hours early, so they can cop a good feel. But avgs around 1.5 hours +/- 10 min.

    I don't know why it shows attached file. Ignore that.

    I used to love flying. On trips, that was always what I looked forward to. But they [TSA, Airlines, Rude Passengers with no upbringing of good manners, etc.) have made flying a lot less enjoyable now.

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