Proof Zig Zags Are Best

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  1. In zigzag we trust.
    seriously... make the conversion. smoke better 


  2. Raw and Irie burned just as well...
  3. I picked up my first pack of zig zag king size silver skins yesterday for first time in months I forgot how good these are defo on par with ocb's
  4. The Raws burned the same.
    Although my favorite wasn't even tested. Do some Bambu's.
    offtopic but wanting to share the pic, take a look at this raw I just finished
  6. sweet set up man how much did the raw rolling set sting you?
  7. LMAO @ "and my house is burning down...ok moving on..."
    If I am jonsin for some weed, i dont really care what its wrapped in. Hell, I'll even smoke tobacco leaves (gross!). If i was a rich bitch fat cat millionaire, I would get all rocket science about what and how I smoke. But alas, I am but a street rat pot smoker that dont give a fuck. Let's get high!! Spark it up!!
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    If you mean the tray, papers, and tips; not a set. I've accumulated them.
    The tray was 12;
    The papers are a couple packs for 3;
    and tips, got 10 booklets for like 5 bucks;
    ps; just noticed; I think you double quoted me. lol.

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