Proof that time and space are connected

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  1. The universe started with a big bang, which created time and space; when time was new, so was space and matter. Time "grows" in the same speed as the space, as the universe is constantly expanding. To travel in time, you should overcome the speed in which the universe expands. The "room" outside the universe is nothing, which means that there's no time and space. Perhaps this means that it's another universe, only operated by other dimensions than time and space.

    I know there is a sepperate spiritual forum, but I'll write this here anyways:
    Perhaps that "proofs" Heaven, only Heaven being the other dimention which the soul travels to, as the soul is not proven to be neither time nor space, which makes it universal. Perhaps there are more universes, which proves the Buddhism theory about 7 bridges/7 Heavens, which is each states in which the universal soul can exist. That is is 7 states, might not be right; it might have been the fact that the number 7 was considered special, as with 3. The Buddhists achieved those different states doing meditation; they meditated and their body fell asleep and broke it's connection with it's soul, so the soul was free to travel. Then the soul traveled to the first plane, then with further meditation (harder), the second plane, and so on. Nobody is ever known to have reached the 5th plane. The idea that you can only move to another plane when you die meditating might be because your body lets go of the soul when you die, and is stuck in the plane where you died, so you have to be meditating and be on a different plane, to stay there when you die. That can either be right or wrong.
  2. just an interesting concept to think about but everytime you look at the stars you are lookin at something as it apperaed years-billions of years ago.
  3. Time cannot grow at any speed. Speed is defined in terms of time.
  4. "The universe started with the big bang'' - assumption
    ''time exists'' - assumption

    ...see where im going with this?
  5. Scientific Literacy continues to decline... apparently.

    Misconceptions about the Big Bang

  6. i stopped reading after this. sure you can say reality exists, but give me evidence besides individual interpretation.
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  8. "Science and Nature This is the place for discussions about evolution, technology, biology, zoology and all other forms of human advancement and ingenuity."

    I think you're spewing your reductio ad absurdum in the wrong section.
  9. Agreed.
    If there is indeed a spiritual explanation for existence, let it be brought up in the S&P section.
  10. I'm totally fine with reductio ad absurdum. It's one of my favorite ways to make an argument.

    But yeah, I agree, radical skepticism has no place in a scientific discussion. Although, healthy skepticism is perfectly acceptable when presented with a cranky theory about the big bang :D.
  11. I think it can be hard to decide in which forum to put something like this, cause I find it that, many times, science and spirituality can be connected, as science is also a religion.

    In science you use tests and results as evidence, where christianity used to use rainbows, shooting stars, and such, as evidence. Maybe in the future, another "religion" will start, that could prove our "science-religion" wrong and people will be laughing about how naive we are right now..?
  12. In science it often happens that scientists say, "You know that's a really good argument; my position is mistaken," and then they would actually change their minds and you never hear that old view from them again. They really do it. It doesn't happen as often as it should, because scientists are human and change is sometimes painful. But it happens every day. I cannot recall the last time something like that happened in politics or religion.
    - Carl Sagan
  13. Where did the energy come from in the first place to set off the Big Bang I wonder? :confused:;)
  14. i think he taking a biblical stance to this...

    like 1st there was nothing
    then time
    and then after time came matter.

    and then the heavens
    and then and then and then,
    god created the earth.

    but who created the big bang without the creation of time?

    and so forth.

    time is a measurement,.

    u can have "no time" as a part of that scale of measurement like u can have infinate time as part of the measurement.
  15. thats how astrology can start to make some scientists beleive in a higher power.

    plenty of things that are very hard to even comprehend when dealing with space.

    we as humans have a start and finish to everything, life and death, which makes it hard to beleive something could start from nothing, or that something could just be (meaning the universe just always was and always will be, there was no start).

    trying to comprehend how something can "just be" infinitely, makes something like a god the only explainable answer to some.

  16. ...which scientists are that?

    Then that belief is truly fallacious.

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