Proof that the "real" Santa Claus smokes marijuana.

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  1. Before I start, I want to say this post has little to do with the fact that I smoke. This comes from six years of research and "thinking like Santa"...I have the resume to back up my findings.

    Also, I am putting this thread in the Legalization and Activism section because marijuana plays a big issue. With a little help, I can help bring in billions of dollars for charity. Its easy. However, the biggest problem has been how I choose to treat my illness, and the fact that I smoke illegally is preventing an important campaign from taking place. If activists don't see this as a problem and can't figure out how to use this information, then I would be surprised. Enjoy.

    The American Medical Association, or at least representatives of this organization, has determined that Santa Claus is a mental illness. The ideas of unlimited giving, and all the good Santa wants to do is considered a disease that needs chemical help.

    Santa Claus lives at the North Pole for many reasons, but I won't get into that now. But Santa needed to figure out how to treat his "illness". There is no pharmacy at the North Pole. Marijuana was the best available option, and with the 24 hours of daylight during the summer months, allow for effecient use of the elements.

    Santa Claus is the greatest giver on the planet. There is no other figure that comes close. By turning Santa Claus into a tool for charity, billions of dollars will be given back to the charities. And the main reason is because of Marijuana.

    Any "real" activists interested in making this argument with me?
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    Why the fuck not? :smoke:
  3. LOL!! Actually, I was hoping to represent Santa that smokes in a less creepier way.
  4. Agreed, he should be turned into a tool for charity, cause as of now he's a puppet for corporate interests right around December.

  5. I gotcha, we did have a member not to long ago named BakedNick, who actually got banned for an idea similar to yours.

    I think it was because the mods deemed his posts as spam though, hopefully someone can clear that up.

    Fighter, I started this thread last week, asking if I was breaking Article 2, section 3 of this very site. None of the mods seemed to have a problem with it. But again, I am not asking for money at all, and that might be the difference.

    BakedNick? Though I don't know him, I can tell you that what I want to do is completely different than this guy. My goal is to help win Santa a Nobel Peace Prize, and start the Santa Movement.

    I also have no intention of portraying Santa as a "stoner"...I want to portray Santa as an image of charity that, based on who he is, smokes marijuana. I have no desire to promote the fact that Santa smokes marijuana to children, mostly because there is no need.

    This is my idea to help out with the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Again, I know this is not for everybody, but I am sure a few of you might be interested.

  7. From movies to merchandise to ad campaigns to even pictures, if Santa was used correctly, half of all this money would go to charities. I am the Santa that wants to help set this precedent. By getting the people involved ( and why wouldn't people care about extra money for them) it will force corporations such as Coke A Cola to get on board and start using Santa to help people. If not, I believe consumers will be smart enough to only purchase Santa products that are charity based.

    Its a pretty easy thing to do. Santa is a public image, and belongs to the people. It is the people that should benefit the most.

  8. I understand what you're saying, his concept was having everyone write ADAJ on money and sending it to charities; his name didn't have much to do with it.

    Here's the thread -

  9. Thanks for the link, but me and that guy are completely different. For one, I am up front in all my posts. LOL!! I am trying to give away information that could possibly help, not just the marijuana issue, but society in general. Most of this money made will have nothing to do with me. This is a public discovery that I made, and am just doing my best to get this info to the right people.

    Don't get me wrong. I plan on making a ton of money once I hook up with the right people. But that is my afterthought. Right now, I found a resource society can use, and I am one of the few qualified to be involved in this type of campiagn.
  10. this is a pretty interesting subject no doubt. But I'm confused as to all what the purpose of santa being for anything with marijuana.
  11. Aqua, I am the creator of Santa Economics. I discovered that Santa is being used incorretly, and if used properly, could generate billions of dollars for charity, something I believe is important.

    I also, due to illness, smoke marijuana, and this is a major problem. I live in New York, and instead of working on this Santa Campaign than can do a lot of good, I have had to fight doctors and the system as to how I treat myself. I am in shock that this issue is preventing the Santa Claus Movement from taking place, and would think other "activists" on this site might be able to see the type of publicity my story could generate.

    I am a smoker, and will be for the rest of my life. If we can show how marijuana has played a direct role in helping turn Santa into a tool for charity, that could give this Cause a positive boost. But I am in this fight alone, and am getting my butt kicked. I need to figure out how I can get help.

    Again, my number one priority is this Santa Movement. There is a lot of money at stake. I just don't want to have to hide the fact I smoke. I hate being a criminal, but is marijuana really that big of a problem that society could not use this extra money?

    Couldn't somebody use my story to help push the agenda? Or, am I going to have to fight this issue by myself, lose, and ruin whatever chance I had of starting the Santa Movement?

    I am in a tough bind, and am not sure what to do next,
  12. Do you guys know about Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, with the Christmas Tree? Well, I would go dressed like Santa, and just take pictures with everybody. I would sit down with my back to the tree, and people would come and sit on my lap and just take pictures. I turned away all money that was offered, and just fit in to how people were feeling.

    Well, Rockefeller Center did not like my good deeds. Apparently, people were taking free pics with me, and not paying $10 dollars for their pics. They first warned me, but I did not see what I was doing wrong. The next night, 15 security guards surrounded me, and forcibly removed "Santa" from the premises. I have two great pictures that I snapped as I was getting manhandled.

    Rex, this is why I am so hell bent on helping to redefine the image of Santa into a tool for charity. I did nothing wrong, yet was treated like the bad guy. Why? Because Santa has become commericialized in an awful way, and the image has been ruined.

    Its why I am confident when I talk about Santa Porn and the Domintrix and associating Santa with marijuana. I am the real freaking deal, and have a huge chip on my shoulder. I am an "extremist" Santa which means instead of bombs, I want to terrorize countries with goodwill. Now, I know we are supposed to be wary of "extremists", but if this attitude is all about doing good and creating extra money, why should that be denied.?

    Is this too deep of a topic? Am I wrong? Could this campaign at all help Legalization?
  13. For anyone interested, over in the "Real Life Stories...Chill Out section" there is an interested thread titled Santa Claus lived with a Dominatrix. It kind of explains where I came from, and how I am hoping to make a difference.

    I am on this site because I am a guy society has a problem with, yet am one of the few people qualified to kickstart a billion dollar charity campaign. I have no idea where a person like me can go to ( I have already tried turning myself in, but that did not work) and just wanted to check out a site like this for a little research.

    If anyone would like to get involved, and are smart enough to see what I am trying to do, hit me up with a message. Or if you know of any other forums where ideas like mine would be appreciated, let me know. I want to get this done sooner rather than later.

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