proof that girls are evil

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  1. Every gut knows that it takes time and money for a good relationship with a girl, so...

    Girls = time x money

    Everyone knows that time equals money.

    time = money

    So it follows that...

    Girls = (money x money)


    Girls = money2

    According to the Bible money is the root of all evil

    money = (¬/ evil)

    So it follows that...

    girls = (¬/ evil)2


    Girls = evil
  2. duh=double duh?? I flunked math.
    Stick with the blonde jokes.
  3. lol

    that was pretty smart
    interesting theory

    that made my day
  4. Absolutely true for most women but NOT all.

    Some men are that way as well.
  5. funy concept. It is funny but the math is all wrong. if girls=timexmoney. then time would not equal money it would go as follows time =girls/money. that is the correct algebraic way. I am just busting your chops.
  6. I like Wesley Pipes.....I like.
  7. I can't belive this came to the top but since it's here...

    Time does equal money, as the saying goes time is money

    I just looked it over again and it is right. Also this joke was given to me by my sister who went to school to be a math teacher if there were any errors she would have found them. She is kinda a geek that way.


  8. so time is evil.. okay..
  9. I've seen this before lol.. It's so true!
  10. Aw I'm not evil.
  11. You went from 'girls=time X money'. Directly to 'girls=money x money'.

    Your gonna have to explain your reasoning.
  12. time equals money, so he replaced "time" in the equation with "money"

    ur allowed to exchange variables if you know they are equal...
  13. Yea thats simple algebra. But girls dont =time. They =time X money. Not plain time, and i know this is true. A good relationship with a girl will take Time and money. (I wouldnt consider money to be time tho. The saying time=money goes along the lines that the more time you work the more money you will get. The time in this case should apply towards time spent with the girl.(Time does not literally equal money. They are completely different!
  14. LOL... A simple joke turned into an algebraic argument... This is what happens when you teach math to a bunch of stoners, LMAO!!!

    Girls = Time

    During this time you will most likely spend money (if you want the relationship to work)... So...

    Girls = Money

    Then just add the rest...

  15. Ill agrees with that you're a interesting person and i would love to subscribe to you news letter! I would say your actually a really nice person that makes me smile but you said “I'm not nice ether" so ill just take your word on that! :D
  16. the equation is wrong from the start. if it takes time and money for a good relationship with a girl then it's not Girls = Time * Money, it should be Girls = Time + Money
  17. Aw thanks! but I am nice I was just kidding when I said that =P
  18. PeanutButterCup: is that you in the picture? look so sad.. :(
  19. ya why u look so sad... SMOKE! =D
  20. dont the time + money cancel themselves out?


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