Proof on just how ignorant our government is

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    ok, so i realize that this is some legitimate proof that marijuana use can be harmful to teens.

    EDIT: did not notice at the end of the article where it said 5 of the teens had a history of alcohol abuse...but if this comes out to be true...

    But this could EASILY be prevented if it was legalized.

    My point; a national survey was conducted among teens which proved that it was easier for them to purchase pot than cigarettes ( A pot dealer is not going to care how old a buyer is, but the majority of gas stations will ID teens under the age of 18.

    So the appropriate and smartest solution is for marijuana to be legalized, that way the government will be able to control the age at which marijuana will be able to be purchased, which would more than likely be 18 years or older.

    With the great potential to get our economy back on track and for our nation to thrive as it once did, in my opinion there is no better time than now for cannabis to become legalized. But i fear none of our politicians have the balls to stand up for it in risk of losing their jobs. It's just so sad...
  2. i hate the government
  3. Me 3 :(
  4. it just doesn't make any sense to all :confused:
  5. Read the fine print though. They did it on 14 people. Hardly a good sample size. Also they state that more research needs to be done before there is anything conclusive.
  6. i'm saying even it were true...

    it also goes along with all the DARE organizations and such...
  7. there are still a lot of old fogeys in congress, once they croak or get some younger people in office the laws might get better
  8. Heavy sugar use also damages developing brains. Do does heavy ANYTHING use.
  9. yeah thats why i think since Obama is in now, that theres no better time than now for reform.
  10. lol our goverment isnt ignorant. they just choose to do this.
  11. :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  12. he means using anything heavily is harmful
  13. how could they not be ignorant?

    prohibition has kept the drug lords rich and our penitentiaries filled with harmless pot smokers, which us taxpayers pay literally billions of dollars due to marijuana enforcement.

    legalization would end all marijuana related crime and growing, as the government would be able to regulate it and it would be much cheaper and readily available anywhere, which would put some of the dangerous growers and traffickers across the borders out of business.

    the gov't knows this, and the real facts about cannabis. and yet there has been no change
  14. And thats why the poster above you was saying that the government is not ignorant.....
  15. exactly
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    hmm..shouldnt have added that last bit in :D

    i guess i got the definition of ignorant a little twisted..i tried to mean they were 'dumb' for not doing what needs to be done.

    my bad chronic

  17. I think we can all agree with what you are saying:D Its no big deal to use one word out of context.
  18. Shit ain't ever gonna change. Fuck it, keep smoking.... :bongin:
  19. theyre not ignorant at all. this is easy, u ready?

    deep down inside (and even on the surface)...........


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