Proof of Obama's Fake Birth Certificate

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  1. Here's a Video on youtube you'll NEVER find...

    Proof of Obama's faked certifcate...whatis happening to this country?

    To any Obama supporters, I hope you realize he is nothing but a mere puppet used to carry out the agenda of the bankers and rich elites like David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds.


  2. Idgaff.

    Even if it were a fake, I mean with all the shit he's gotten away with already, I could give two shits if he was legal or not, or whatever the birther claims may be.

    He's a war-mongering cunt regardless of legal status, to put it lightly
  3. I mean of course I agree with everything you say, I have the exact same views on Obama.

    I'm posting this in hopes of spreading the word of this. The more people who know, the more pissed off we get and the more we collaborate and put a stop to the tyranny ect.

    So please feel free to spreadthe video around.
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    This is not "hard to find", the story about Sherrif Arpaio's accusations has been circulating for weeks.

    If Donald Trump, with his billions and the experts that he hired, not to mention the entire Republican Party, couldn't prove anthing was wrong with Obama's birth records, this cop certainly won't be able to, either.

  5. You would trust a bilionaire like Trump AND the republican party to hold a legitimate honest investigation on Obama's certificate?

  6. How could you not trust them? I mean, just look at the crack job the Republicans did on 911.;)
  7. day late:rolleyes:
    dollar short:rolleyes:
    birthers sit in the rear of the short-bus please...:p
  8. Don't you think the the bankers and rich elites like David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds could find a domestic-born puppet?
  9. Psssst...Joe Arpaio has a pig's heart and a noodle-dick...pass it on!;)
  10. where's the proof?

    is it hidden in that video somewhere?

  11. If you open up the original White House PDF on Photoshop you can clearly tell its been fucked with.

    I don't really know any reason why they would fuck with it tbh. You can't just photo copy it and put it on the website? You gotta do more with it? Just doesn't really make sense to me. :confused_2:
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    In 1961, there were notices in two Hawaiian newspapers announcing Obama's birth - the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin. Were these also faked in order to make it possible for this child, allegedly born in Kenya, to become president? OBAMA'S BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS
  13. I refuse to watch a youtube video as proof of anything.

  14. Things can be arranged. Maybe Mama wanted to make baby Barry's birth as legit looking as possible just so he could be an American Citizen? Doesn't have to be a major conspiracy for him to eventually become president in some convoluted scheme.

    I just don't see any reason whatsoever to fuck with the birth certificate after they copied it.
  15. Do you have an original copy of those newspapers? Things can be easily faked. There's no official seal or stamp on newspapers. Who would keep a newspaper for that long unless they knew they would need it in the future? If they are fake they didn't have to be faked in '61. That's a fallacy. Watch/read 1984 it speaks of altering past newspapers.

  16. Libraries? Newspaper archives?

  17. Libraries keep them. Of course, if anybody found it in the library, somebody would say that it was phony, and planted there as part of the conspiracy.

  18. Oh, there are such things as legitimate politicians?
  19. This shit again....... really?

    When shit like this finally fucking dies maybe we can focus on the real issues, like the fact he's an awful president and all the republican candidates except for Ron Paul are just as bad if not worse.

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